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Clashes Between Powers – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4


When they arrived at the park, they went to the bus that had Ugala indicated on it.

“We are going to Ugala Village” Folakemi said to the driver.

“By this time?” The driver said. He looked at them surprised.

“Yes sir. Is there a given time to go there? Besides, it’s still morning?” Ike said.

“Today is a different day. Nobody is allowed to enter that age-wife/”>village when it is 12 noon. Trespassers by that time will die without any burial” the driver said.

“Hmm…but we have 1hr ahead of us. How long does it take to get there?” Hassan replied the man.

“It’s a 1hr journey to that place. The borders of the age-wife/”>village closes by 11:30am. So you see, going inside the village won’t be possible now” the driver said as he locked the bus to relax under a shade.

“Wait… what’s so special about going there today at this time? Besides, why would someone die when he/she has done nothing wrong?” Ike said.

“Imagine that!” Folakemi added.

“Hmmmm… There is a terrible man in that age-wife/”>village whose name is Ogugu. He normally comes out once in every 3months. Today, he will be making a tour round the village by 12 noon. Nobody or animal is permitted to see his face. The penalty is death. In fact, by 12pm, the sun in that village will be shielded by a dark cloud over the sky and rain will begin to fall accompanied by heavy storm of wind. All neighbouring communities had been informed weeks back concerning this day. I’ll advise you to go back to where you are coming from and wait, maybe tomorrow you can come back. I see you all are corpers. Please, your life matters” the bus driver explained.

“This is serious! I’ve never heard of such occurrence before nor seen anything like that in all my years as a Christian. Hassan, what do you suggest we do?” Folakemi said as she turned to look at Hassan.

He closed his eyes and meditated deeply, then gave a deep sigh and said “this is the man in the revelation God gave to us back then in the camp”

He turned and spoke to the driver and said.

“Please sir, can you take us to the borders. Don’t worry about us. We will be fine”

The bus driver refused. They persuaded him again. He refused.

“Sir, okay, we will pay you double” Hassan said.

“See, it’s not the money. I care for your life. I respect corpers very well, but with the news of death of corpers in that village because of this same man, I can’t risk your life today. Please, try to understand me” the bus driver pleaded with them.

“Sir, we understand you, but the Spirit of God just ministered to me that we must get there and I’m very much persuaded of his protection” Hassan said to him.

The bus driver looked at them. He couldn’t persuade them anymore. They entered the bus. It was just the three of them.

“Brethren, while we are on this journey, we must engage in serious prayers and praise” Folakemi charged them

As the bus started, they also started to praise God in songs as well as to pray. They prayed fervently and passionately, even sweating profusely. The bus driver also joined them in the praise and prayers.

After 30 minutes, they arrived at the border leading to the village. It was now 11:45am.

The men in charge of the borders looked at them as they walked towards the place. They advised them to run very fast into a house that was just a distance away from them.

“Don’t worry, show us the direction to the Community Secondary School” Ike said.

“It would take you about 30minutes to walk down there. There is no time and it would be at the risk of your lives. Please, we don’t want any corpers to die again in this village. The one that have died had brought great pain to everyone. The name of this Kingdom stinks outside due to their death.” One of the boys said.

“Fear not. We serve the God who made the Heaven and the Earth. He is with us and no harm will near us” Folakemi said to the young men.

“Don’t say we did not warn you ooo” They all said simultaneously and ran away very fast into the bush.

It was now 11:55am.

The trio left the border and began making their way on foot to the village.

At exactly 12:00pm,

A strange wind began to blow, picking up everything on its path.

Hassan burst into speaking in tongues, same with the others.

Then, there was thunder and lightnings everywhere.

Folakemi looked at the sky and saw some dark clouds gathering and shielding the bright sunshine.

She spoke out aloud…

“The day and the night were set by God with a covenant of time. The sun rules the day and the moon, the night. He that seeks to break this order offends the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We are the representatives of the Creator in this village. By the authority of His Son, Jesus Christ, I command the weather to be clear and everywhere calm right now”

They all held hands together as they walk down the road rebuking the storms.

Hassan and Ike were still speaking in tongues while Folakemi continued her declarations…

“O you Sun, prevail over the dark cloud, and you wind, return to your place and let the day fulfills its time in Jesus name”.

Suddenly, the storm ceased and the dark cloud began to give way to a clear day.

Meanwhile, at that time, the great Ogugu was coming out of his cave already, but he suddenly ran inside with speed when he saw the sun rays prevailing against the dark cloud.

My people, know your authority in Jesus Christ as a Child of God and use it!

Let’s watch out for what happened next…

©Ebosa Monday

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