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Clashes Between Powers – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3


NYSC Camp,
Hassan, during the afternoon break, was resting. He had a terrible dream where he saw himself with his NYSC crested vest in a village. The villagers were being caged and held bound by a strong man.

When he saw the man, he shouted “I command you to loose these people in Jesus name”.

Immediately, the padlock broke and the man ran away.

“Hassan, wake up. The soldiers are coming” his roommate tapped him. He jumped out of his bed to get dressed with his white shorts, white shirt and shoes. He ran to join his colleagues at the parade ground for the drill that afternoon.

The dream kept replaying in his mind throughout that day. During the night prayers with his team, he related the issue to them. Folakemi and Ikechukwu confirmed it. They had similar dreams the night before. They all prayed fervently that night on the issue before retreating for the social night, while still maintaining their Spiritual sanity of being in the Spirit throughout that night.

At the end of the 3weeks Orientation Course in the camp, they were all given their posting letters.

Hassan, Folakemi and Ikechukwu were posted to Ugala Community Secondary School, while Emmanuella and Osamudiame were posted to other parts of the state.

They gathered to pray together before going their separate ways.

The Trio reported first at the Local Government Secretariat to see their Local Government Inspector (LGI). Fortunately for them, the principal of the school they were posted to met them.

“Good afternoon, corpers. How are you doing?” Mr. Chiemere, the principal of CSS, Ugala said when he saw them.

With much interaction, he got to know they were posted to his school. He was happy and quickly signed their letter.

“Don’t worry, Ugala is a wonderful place. There’s accommodation for you. And also, the villagers have been very accommodating and welcoming. Just that there’s a little challenge we are facing in the village, but, don’t worry, when you come, I’ll tell you everything.” Mr. Chiemere said.

He gave them the description of the age-wife/”>village and even some money for their transportation.

The trio went inside the office to do their clearance. They presented their posting letters to the LGI.

They were surprised when they saw the look on her face.

“Excuse me, ma. Is everything okay?” Hassan asked her.

“Ehm…not really. Please, wait for me, I’m coming…” She said and took their letters hurriedly to another office.

Folakemi went outside to get some fresh air as the place was stuffy due to the crowd there. She overheard the conversation between the LGI and a man in the other office. The LGI was pleading with him.

“Please, isn’t there a way these PPAs can be changed? You know the various unfortunate news that used to come from Corp members posted to CSS, Ugala. That age-wife/”>village is cursed. Just this year alone, we have lost 5 corp members from different batches posted there due to their barbaric traditions and customs. Please sir, do something” She pleaded.

“Mrs. Chike, you know the rules. They have been accepted by the principal who was here a while ago. We can’t change their PPA except they were rejected. Let’s just orientate them on the various precautions they need to take before going there” Mr. Chibuzor, who was in charge of the ICT unit said.

Folakemi quickly went inside and narrated everything to the other two.

When Mrs. Chike came back, Hassan met her and said.

“Ma’am, we are up to the task. Don’t worry. God who had arranged our posting to that place will deliver us from the forces of evil there in Jesus name…”

“Amen ooo… Amen. I will be praying for you, my dear. I will be praying for you…” Mr. Chike said crying.

The day these team of three were to officially report at the school, was the day the vicious Ogugu was to make his tour.

They arrived at the bus park by 11am. It would take them another 1hr to get to the village.

Ogugu would be making his tour by 12:00pm.

What will happened?

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