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Clashes Between Powers – Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode 12


One of the guards ran to call Hassan.

“Corper Hassan, the king calls for you…” He said.

Hassan and Osamudiame went to see the king.

He was very much terrified by the announcement of the town crier. When he saw the corpers he stood up in a haste.

“Corper, did you hear the announcement?” He asked.

“Which one, my king?” Hassan asked him.

“The one announced by the town crier concerning Ogugu coming out the day of the crusade. You know, I don’t want anything to happen to you. I know great numbers of corp members all over this state are coming to this age-wife/”>village tomorrow, as you told me, for this crusade. These are government children. If anything happens to anyone of you again, my throne and the entire kingdom of Ugala would be sanctioned. They would arrest me and my elders would not be spared. Also, the neighbouring kingdoms where we have also publicized this program won’t take it easy on us if anything happens to their people. I don’t know what to do, my corpers? You have been of great help to me, my family and the entire people of Ugala. We will not want to put your lives at risk. Please, can we put this program on another day order than Friday, as today is Wednesday?” The king said.

The corp members kept quiet for sometime, and then Hassan replied….

“Igweeeeeee… We know whom we serve. He is the God of heaven and Earth. By the name of His Son, Jesus, we have been victorious in all these battles since our feet stepped into this village. Even from the first day we arrived until now, He has never disappointed us and He will never disappoint us. He said in His word in Hebrews 13:5,6 that He will never leave us nor forsake us, so that we may boldly say, the Lord is our helper and we will not fear what man shall do unto us….”

“Yes, Igwe, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ says in Luke 10:19 that he has given unto us power to thred on serpents and scorpions and upon all the powers of our enemies, and that nothing shall by any means hurt us. The Lord is our light and our salvation, whom shall we fear? The Lord is the strength of our lives, who shall make us afraid? When the wicked, whether Ogugu or the Seven Custodians of this age-wife/”>village and all our foes, came upon us to eat up our flesh, they all stumbled and fell….” Osas added.

“Wait…. wait…. Did you just mentioned the Seven Custodians of this kingdom?” The king asked in surprise.

“Yes, Igwe….” Hassan replied.

“Heyyyy…. We are doomed! Ahhhhhh…. We are in trouble oooo. Come how did you know them?” The king asked again.

“We had a serious battle with them last night and they were conquered by the power of God….” Osas responded.

“What did you say? You mean you fought with them too and they were defeated…?” The king said.

By this time, the Onowu was around. He entered the palace and heard the discussion.

“Chineke m’ ooooo…! Corper, are you sure of what you just said?” The Onowu asked them.

“Yes sir” Hassan replied.

The elders must hear this.

The king ordered for the guards to get the elders immediately.

They all came to the palace.

“Elders of our land. What the mountains that have stood for years on the Earth have not seen, have been seen by these corpers…” The Onowu said.

“Onowu, what is it?” Mazi Chinomso said.

“Tell us. What have they seen?” Mazi Ibikwe asked.

“The Seven Custodians of Ugala Kingdom”…

“Chaiiiiii…..!”. They all shouted.

“Chineke! Whaaaat! You mean you saw them face to face…?” Mazi Chiagozie asked the corpers.

The corp members were surprised at the reactions of all the elders.

“Yes, they came last night against us, but God defeated them!” Hassan replied.

“Wooow….. wooow…. This is a great news …” Mazi Ekene said with a great smile.

“Why are you talking as if you don’t know the seriousness of what it means to see the Seven Custodians face to face, Mazi Ekene…?” The Onowu said with an angry looked.

“Onowu, the c–k that is able to subdue the lion in a fight would be crowned the king of the forest. Didn’t you hear them? They said the Seven Custodians were defeated. Who don’t know the consequences of seeing those strange beings with whom our fore fathers made a covenant as regards this land. Yes, you may say sudden death of 40 virgins, still birth of 50 children, 7yrs famine and all forms of calamities in the land. We know all that. I thank God that nobody has seen them face to face until this day, but what happened now is a different case. They have been defeated……” Mazi Ekene said joyfully.

He continued his speech… “The ant that can inconvenience an elephant can kill a giant. I believe, Igwe, that what these corpers are saying is true. This crusade must be held oooo. I’m very sure, it is either Ogugu will be disgraced or destroyed…. To chineke (Praise God)…” He shouted joyfully.

Only a few of the elders shouted ‘Halleluyah…’

“But wait oo, the corpers are still alive. We have been told that nobody sees those demons and stay alive for 30minutes. Except these men are lying, but if what they said is true, Igwe, Ogugu is no match for their God!” Mazi Chinomso said confidently.

The king stood up and said.

“My father had told me many things about these Seven Custodians of this kingdom. I have been afraid of them since I was a kid. I have never seen them, nor do I pray to meet them, but these strangers, who do not know the traditions and customs of our land has in different occasions changed the laws and customs that we thought were for our good, but were in reality for our enslavement. I, as king Ugwuede Nnamani, submit my throne this day to the rulership and control of the God that these corpers has brought to the land….”

He went on his knees and bowed down his head to the ground.

“If these Seven Custodians of this Kingdom could be defeated by the God of these corpers, then, the entire kingdom of Ugala now belongs to Him. I give Him my throne, and I submit to His leadership. This Jesus, whom these corpers have been telling us about, from today will now be the king of Ugala…” The king said.

“My king, He reigns in heaven, and rules in the affairs of men…” Osas said.

“I don’t know what will happen that day, but I believe in my heart, that this crusade would deliver this land….” The king said.

“Yes, Igwe. The Seven Custodians are defeated, the Chief priest too have been disgraced. The last enemy is this Ogugu. He will be defeated as well by Jesus. The battle is the Lord’s. All we need to do is watch as He conquers him…” Hassan said.

“Whaaaat! The Seven Custodians have also been defeated? This spells doom for us…” The chief priest exclaimed in the cave. He had be spying on the palace from his diabolic mirror.

“The lion can never be defeated by the antelope…” Ogugu said.

“We will fight with our last blood and put these people back into our cage…” The chief priest said angrily

The other corp members all arrived the age-wife/”>village and prepared for the crusade.

Be still and wait for what would happen.

©EBOSA Monday

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