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Clashes Between Powers – Season 1 – Episode 11

Episode 11


That night, they were about to sleep, but was told that they would be having a vigil.

Many of them were practically exhausted due to the stress of the day .

“Bro. Osas, can’t we pray in the morning. I’m terribly fagged out and weak…” Aisha said.

“Me too ooo…” Felix added.

Almost all of them gave their excuses.

“Okay, I, Emmanuella, Hassan, Ike and Folakemi would hold the night for you all. I feel deep in my spirit that prayers need to be made this night….” Osamudiame said.

“Thank God…It is well…” Tolu said yawning.

It was 9:30pm.

They all went to sleep, when it was 12 midnight, all of them were awakened by a strange sounds coming from outside.

“Bro. Felix, what kind of sound is that…?” Haruna asked.

“I don’t know. It looks like that of a night crow. I can also here the sound of laughter and the growling of a beast….” Bro. Felix said.

“Jesus….! They are coming ooo… Heyyyyy ….! Bro Osas…. We need to pray now…” Aisha exclaimed.

“I thought you wanted to sleep…?” Bro. Osas asked almost laughing.

“Sleep…ke…? No oooo… Besides, this is not a laughing matter oooo… ” Aisha said.

Before Osas could make any comment, she started to shout “I cover this place with the Blood of Jesus. No weapon formed against us shall prosper…”

The strange noises were becoming louder.

Prayers started without coordination. Everyone were praying, binding and losing all forms of demons.

Then there was a knock at the door.

This sends chills of fear down the spines of everyone. The prayers increased with great intensity.

Then there was silence.

Osas and Hassan peeped through the window, but saw no one.

The prayers went down as the strange noises disappeared.

Then Hassan spoke out….” There 7 personalities outside…”

“How did you know?” Folakemi asked him.

“I saw them in the spirit…” Hassan said.

“Emmanuella, Ike, Folakemi and Hassan, please, follow me. We are going to confront those powers face to face. Others, intensify your prayers….” Osas said.

They went out boldly, and true to Hassan’s word, there were seven strange-looking personalities all clothed in white apparel standing outside.

They were invoking powers against the corp members.

“Our Lord and Master, Jesus said in Matthew 28:18 that all powers is given unto him, both in heaven and on the Earth. By reason of that, we take authority over you all in the name of Jesus, be bound….” Folakemi shouted.

They scattered and staggered for some time and then regrouped again.

“It is foolishness for the monkeys to dare the rifle of the hunter. The fire that plays with water get quenched and the tongue that battles with the teeth for words get hurt…. You will die tonight…” They all said and released a thunder against the corp members.

“We resist your attack in the name of Jesus….” Emmanuella responded and the thunder stopped.

The seven strange beings were surprised. They growled in anger.

“This age-wife/”>village belongs to us. We own this place. We are the Seven Custodians of this kingdom. Nobody can take this land from us…..” One of them said angrily and struck back.

“Jesuuuuuuuus….!” The corp members shouted.

There was a great lightning that came down and struck the personalities. They fell backwards, but stood up again.

“We refused to give you this land. No….!” They all said.

“The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. The world and all that dwell therein (Psalm 24:1). No part of this age-wife/”>village belongs to you or your master, the devil….” Ike responded.

“You lie! You lie!….They made a covenant with us and sold the land to us by sacrifice. We have been here and never are we going to leave this land” They said angrily.

“Thus says the Lord in Jeremiah 10:11, the gods that have not made the heavens and the Earth, even they shall perish from the Earth and from under these heavens. All covenant not made by God on this land is hereby broken in the mighty name of Jesus….” Osas shouted with passion.

“No….. No….. No oooo…..” The strange personalities said as they staggered and fell under a great force.

They disappeared.

The corp members rejoiced and returned to join the others who had left praying to peep from the window in order to see what was happening.

“Ahhhhhh…. brethren….! Why did you stop praying?” Osas asked. He was surprised at their actions.

They all apologized and wanted to continue the prayers.

“No need. Let’s just praise God and rest for the night. We have a greater contention this morning….” Osas said.

They praised God and rested until dawn….


The sound of the town crier was heard.

“Umunna Ugala oooo…..” He shouted and hit the gong three times.

“Listen and listen very carefully…. The Great Ogugu will be coming out in 2days time by 4:30pm. Nobody is expected to be outside. He who sees the great Ogugu will not live…. I have spoken….” He said as he staggered through the age-wife/”>village making the announcement.

“Blood of Jesus! What type of contention is all this?” Folakemi exclaimed. She was awake.

“Whaaaat!” The king shouted when he heard the announcement.

“Who sent this man to make this announcement? This program we have been preparing for, will hold in two days time by 4:30pm also…!” The king said.

Everyone in the palace felt really sad and confuse.

The whole villagers were also not happy.

“Nnamdi, what shall we do?” Amadi, the leader of the warriors asked.

“Amadi, seriously, I don’t know….” Nnamdi said.

“Who is Ogugu? Does he know the power of God? Can he withstand the voice of the Almighty? The Lord thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave his voice; hail stones and coals of fire (Psalm 18:13). Why do the heathen rage and people imagine a vain (Psalm 2:1)? To subvert a man in his course, the Lord approves not (Lam.3:36). For thus says the Lord, it shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass (Isaiah 7:7). For when the enemies shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19)…..” Emmanuella responded with much confidence.

They all went out that day for a vigorous prayer walk. This time, they went all out together, walking and praying.

Around 7:00am, as they walked towards the bush path that leads to where they lodged praying and claiming the land from the holds of darkness, the chief priest appeared.

There was a little scattering among them due to sudden fear, but they regrouped and faced him.

“It is an act of foolishness to dare me. I have warned you but you won’t listen. You will have to pay with your dead bodies….!” The chief priest said. His face radiate wickedness and death.

“Who art thou oh great mountain before us, you shall become a plain…(Zech. 4:7)” Osas replied him.

“Good speech…. Very good one….” The chief priest said, mocking him.

He jumped up and disappeared.

“Blood of Jesus…” All the Corp members shouted.

“I speak to the elements of nature, bring this man back in Jesus name…” Hassan shouted.

The chief priest fell on the ground.

“Ahhhhhh… This can’t be… No…. No….” He said aggressively.

“We don’t have your time now. Go and tell that your brother, Ogugu, that we are waiting for him when he shall appear….” Hassan said boldly.

The chief priest was surprised with great astonishment.

He ran into the bush.

How confident are you concerning your authority in the name of Jesus and in His Word?

What happened when Ogugu appeared?

Wait for it in the next episode….

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