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Clashes Between Powers – Season 1 – Episode 10

Episode 10


After the corp members had prayed for three days on the program ahead, they were very much assured that God was going to use this program to deliver the Ugala people from their long time bondage and oppression.

They all went to the palace to inform the king about the program.

“That’s very good. We will make arrangements immediately for it. When will it be?” The king asked.

Hassan sensed an unusual presence among them.

“My king, please, excuse me. I need to pray against something….” Hassan said Immediately.

“Hope all is well?” The queen asked him.

“No.. I’m perceiving the presence of a personality here….” He said, then stood up and spoke out aloud.. “In the name of Jesus, I rebuked every evil spy in the palace…”

A strange wind opened the palace window. It was like someone jumped out of it.

Then the place became calm.

“What was that?” The king asked with fear.

“I don’t know, my king, but I believe that personality was sent to spy on our conversation…” Hassan said.

“Ahhhhhh….they sent him back!” The chief priest exclaimed when the spirit he sent to spy the palace came back to him.

“All my cameras in the palace has been switched off….” He said as he tried to use his powers to view what’s happening in the palace, but could not.

“I will destroy them all….” He said in a rage and entered the cave.

Hassan told the king the program will be in three weeks time. He made all necessary arrangements for accommodation, as well as a means to inform all the people within Ugala and nearby villages.

“I would want us to use the large Eke market square. It would be large enough to take everyone in the village…” The king said.

With all necessary arrangements made, the corpers left the palace.

There was great publicity around the age-wife/”>village and it’s environ about the program. Also, the village market square was prepared for the program.

The king and council of elders ensured that they get enough chairs and mobilized the warriors to get everything needed for the program as well as secure the area on that day.

One week to the program, the prayer warriors of the CORPER’S fellowship came to hold a 7days fasting and prayer in the village.

They organized a 7days prayer walk around the village. It was very hectic due to how large the village was, but they started it.

The first day was successful, same with the second day.

They divided into different groups.

On the third day, one of the groups marched into the bush. They were met with a strange encounter while marching through the bush path.

As they sang and prayed, one of them fell.

“What happened…?” Their leader, Haruna asked.

“I don’t know. It seems a hand grabbed my leg…” Felix, who fell said.

These people were totally ignorant of where they were.

Felix stood up and the walking continued.

One of them saw a man clearing. Then he changed into a shadow.

“Jesus Christ!” Tolu exclaimed.

“What? What happened?” Haruna asked her.

“Look…. Look” She pointed at the shadow fearfully.

When they saw the shadow, they all took to their heels and ran.

When they got to a big tree, they stopped and relaxed under it shade.

“I’ve never seen such thing before in my life” Aisha, one of them said.

“Seriously… Did we just see a shadow of a man without seeing the real person…?” One them asked with surprise.

“Yes, you just did…” A voice said.

“Who said that…?” Felix asked suddenly.

“Not me…” Haruna replied, same with the others.

“Wait…. None of you made that statement….?” Felix said with seriousness.

They all shook their heads in the negative.

“What are you all doing here….?” Another voice spoke out.

At that, they all stood up and ran away again…

They saw four shadows running after them.

“Jesus….Jesus…..Jesus…” Haruna and the rest were shouting as they ran out of the bush towards where they were to gather with the others.

When they got out of the bush, they looked back and saw the shadows retreating and disappeared.

“I’m not going into that bush again…. Never!” Aisha said with fear.

When the other groups came back, they all shared the strange encounters they met on their way.

Some were chased by snakes, others were spiritually attacked, while there were those who met an old man that warned them to leave the age-wife/”>village if they want to stay alive.

“We are going no where! We have come to possess this land for Jesus. Ugala is for Jesus….” Osamudiame, their leader said confidently.

They said “Amen”…

Hassan, Folakemi and Ikechukwu had to give these corp members a serious orientation on what has been happening in the age-wife/”>village and how God has been fighting for them.

“This means, we are in for a serious battle in this village….” Haruna said.

They launched into a serious battle in prayers.

Watch out for the next prayer walks, as they come face to face with the chief priest….

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