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Circle Of Three – Season 1 – Episode 52 [Season 1 Completed]

As he held his son, who was rebelling at the
moment from his father’s instructions, a
feminine hand tapped her from behind.
“So this where you decided to park!”
“Courage!” Cassie let out a whispered scream
as the two friends hugged themselves, Chidi,
looking suspiciously at both of them. The
precocious kid was Courage only son and
despite been just six years, he could tell that
something special was happening there. What
it was, he did not know. Before he could probe
his mother, Kenneth dragged the boy away
from the scene.
“Must you follow your mum around like a
bodyguard?” He said, smiled at the young boy
as Adedayo walked up to greet him.

Pleasantries were been shared when another
Kia Jaguar drove up with some speed, scaring
passers-by before turning sharply and parking
at the car park.

Comfort! Cassie said, smiling at the scene made
before making up her mind to chide her friend.

Before she could do so, however, someone else
was at her neck.
“Comfort! This your driving can kill people oh! I
have told you, drive safely.”
“Did anything happen, Shittu? Abeg free me
jare, I love driving fast and am always careful.
In fact, I will be more careful if you don’t talk
that much while am driving.”

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Unlike her friends who wore gorgeous native
gowns, Comfort was looking smashing with her
choice of a turtle neck shirt and skirt. She
walked with the aura of the business CEO she
was, at least to raise a company from the
scratch was never going to be easy, especially if
its the food industry. Shittu on the other hand,
was a civil servant, who was currently on his
leave. That’s partially the reasoning they were
“Girls!” Comfort greeted her friends as they
talked away the time, Ken, Adedayo and Shittu
watching as the ladies enjoyed themselves.

Good Friends Last all the time!


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