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Circle Of Three – Season 1 – Episode 51

Ten years later.

A blue Kia Jaguar stopped at the Faculty of
Physical Sciences car park, taking up temporary
residence there. Out of it came a woman in her
thirties. The dressing and the carriage of the
woman told the story of a rich woman who
won’t be closely connected with this dusty
school, yet a glint in her eyes suggested

Cassie Blake Adams-Balogun had grown to be a
wonderfully Sekxy woman. Abundantly rich as at
the present, her beauty glowed further despite
the fact that two kids had passed through her
privates. Some maturity had also grown into
her as well, even though she had a childish
apathy towards coming for the alumni meeting
of this school.

But she could not discourage herself from
coming. At least, this is where it all started, if
memory serves her well. It was where she met
her husband, then still a small, cute boy with
immature tendencies, it was where she had
made friends with many people, including
lecturers. It was while she was a student that
she gave her life to Jesus.

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But most importantly, it was here she met
those two fellows she called best of friends.
“Juwon, stop running around!” Adedayo’s voice
brought her back to the present as he held a
three year old Juwon, her first son whose
excitement at a new environment made him
sort of animated. She looked at Adedayo and
smiled. It took three years after graduation
before she could forgive him of that incident,
where he damned her to hell. They dated for a
year and then married. Juwon came in three
years after, and then Isabella introduced herself
three months ago.

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