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Circle Of Three – Season 1 – Episode 50

She hissed him off. Does he think in fairy tales?
She turned around and concluded that the day
was gone.

Later in the evening, Courage shared her new
event to her friends.
“Wow, its fine oh! Imagine the guy engaging
you before you graduate! That’s cool, really
cool.” Comfort’s voice came out from the
bathroom. The power supply in the room
reflected on the atmosphere in the room.
“That’s a lovely ring. Menn, that’s a good ring.

When are we wedding?” Cassie said, winking at
the recently engaged bride.
“I don’t know, but we are planning the
traditional wedding in December. Will you guys
“Noo, we will not come, we go just allow you
marry like that!” Comfort shook her head like a
“We will come jare! Congrats!” Cassie said,
looking at Courage. “Our time will soon come.”
She told Comfort.
“What about Adedayo? I saw him calling you.”
Comfort asked.

“Uh, that one? She said with a wave of hand.

He came begging me for another chance. He
thinks that am a roulette that he can be taking
chances with.”
“Aha! You should not talk like that. What if he is
really sincere.”
“Sin- what? Sincere ko, sin city ni! That guy
almost cost me my life.”
“Cassie, na you wan kill yourself, its not him.”
“So? Do you know how pained I was? He spoke
to me like I was useless. He called me a dead
person. What is the use of the dead to the
living, eh?” She asked Courage, whose face was
slightly sad.

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Comfort, who was watching the exchange
between them, now stepped in.
“Courage, I understand Cassie a bit better than
you do. She has gone through a lot of recent
and the guy had a hand in part of it. Adedayo
may be honest this time but what guarantees
that everything will be okay? This is similar to
mine situation with Tunji. We know where that
ended, and I could have died with him.”
“Adedayo may not be exactly Tunji, but he has
come at his own cost and the simple truth is
that one can love a lot and lose a lot in a
relationship. Cassie has lost a lot in this
relationship and she need some space, like she
really does need the space.”

She turned to Cassie. “I support your decision
to move on, but don’t just erase him from your
life yet. I can see that you still hurt from the
pain he caused you. Heal completely before
making a final decision. Am sure you will get it
right this time.”

Courage looked at Cassie and smiled. “Well, I
am here for you, not matter what happens.”

She hugged Cassie, with Comfort joining.
“Thank you.”

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