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Circle Of Three – Season 1 – Episode 49

She looked at him straight in the eye. “So?
What can I do for you?” She knew where he
was going and it irked her that she actually sat
down to hear him.
“Cassie, answer me please. Don’t look at me
that way.” It was obvious that she was angry at
him. Very angry at him.
“I know that I offended you, but please don’t
make me your enemy. I know that I have done
you wrong.” He continued to beg her, Cassie
crossing her legs together and staring at him.

When he finished, she hissed and uncrossed
her legs.
“Adedayo, I have nothing to do with you. I have
forgiven you, true, but I don’t know what
warrants all this begging. Adedayo, if you are
looking for a way in my life, you better take a
hike because there is not way. I don’t need a
boyfriend in my life right now and even if I did,
it will never be you.”

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He was downcast, but managed to maintain a
cool look.
“Cassie, I was a kid then, now am a man. I
know that I was rash with you and I was wrong
in treating you that way. I know what you feel
right now, but…….”
“Hey, hey, hold it! I have told you gently but
you seem deaf. I have told you, I am not
interested in you again! What is it you don’t

The way she ranted, you will think he duped
her at the altar. Her face was bursting with
anger as she came close in slapping him twice.
“You know how I feel? You must be delusional.

What do you know about how I feel? See, if you
don’t want to be disgraced, better leave me

Her gestures were driving towards the violent.

He knew that she was not making empty
threats. So he stood up and left.

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