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Circle Of Three – Season 1 – Episode 48

The session rolled as fast as the holidays and
before you could say Ade, second semester
examinations were on the way.

Cassie had finished her last paper and in the
tradition of OAU students, was dancing around
campus with her classmates, making a lot of
noise and enjoying the show, despite the water
been poured by the guys when she heard her

She turned back to see Adedayo, smiling at her.

Courage was also done with her examinations,
but was not interested in the dancing and
celebrations. She was going to call Ken when he
showed up.
“Courage, I want to ask something from you.”

She looked at him suspiciously, his smile and
dressing adding to her suspicions.
“Ok, ask me.”
“Courage, we have been in a relationship for
almost two years now and I have not got tired
of loving you. In fact, I love you the more
“You are loyal and sweet, intelligent and
modest, your strength is synonymous to your
name and you are beautiful. You have all the
attributes I have in a woman.”

He went on one knee, leading to her opening
her eyes widely. “Courage, I have thought of it
and I can’t see any other option, because my
heart belongs to you. Will you please marry
me.” He brought out a ring.
“I know its not an expensive ring but…….”
“Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!” Courage had already ran
towards him, not minding the fact that they
were in front of ODLT, with other students
“I will marry you.”

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Ken’s heart was un bundled as Courage rushed
towards him and engaged him in a tight hug.
Busy-bodies and inquisitive student journalists
were staring at them seriously, a small crowd
already forming but they did not notice. The
world was suddenly lost as they exhaled out
their joy.

The mood was interrupted briefly when a
lecturer came through the crowd for his
“What’s happening here?”

They looked towards his direction and quickly
disengaged, knowing that a disgruntled
lecturer will always be out to destroy people’s
“Let’s go somewhere.” Ken dragged her away
as onlookers looked on.

They went to Fivers for a meal to celebrate their
Cassie stared at him, wondering what he was
doing there. When he did not make a move,
she quickly ran to meet her crowd.

Adedayo, on seeing this, ran to meet her.
“Cassie, I want us to talk.”
Now she looked at him with a disapproving
eyes, even though she replied in the

They walked to Awolowo cafe and found a
bench to sit down. He adjusted his shirt and his
tie as he spoke.
“Cassie, I am sorry for what happened.”

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