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Circle Of Three – Season 1 – Episode 47

She now wondered where Tunji will be now.

Probably in the morgue or worse still, scattered
to pieces. What about the real him, the soul? Is
he/ it close to hell? What about her? If she had
died nko, what will be her fate? Her aunt and
Terry will just cry with Cassie and Courage, na
she go dey alone. What will be her stand?

Fear gripped her. What will she stand on truly?

Will she just float around in the air or will she,
like in the proverbial local film, wander around
until her killers were brought to justice? If so,
then many people’s spirit float around. What is
the use of gathering so much wealth when you
won’t carry it after you die? If you don’t have
kids its worse, but even with kids its not secure,
the i*diots could spend all the money after you

She picked her phone and dialed a number.
“Courage, is there any hope for me?”

“Courage, I am serious here. If I died like Tunji
or died now, what kind of hope will I have?”
“What are you saying?”
“If you die, where will you be? What plan do you
“If I die now, na heaven sure pass. Even if I no
die but trumpet sounds, heaven be that oh!

See you.”
“Courage, I dey fear na, what of if na so I die
comot? Na the next thing you go talk be that?”
Courage became serious. “You can’t have hope
in me. I am just a human being. Comfort, even
as a friend, the only thing I can do is to pray for
you when you die.”
“But there is hope in Jesus! You can come to
him and…..”
Courage’s phone went dead.

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She shook her head and promptly started to
charge it.

Out of boredom, she switched the telly on, just
in time for a church program.

The presenter spoke on Jesus, Heaven and Hell,
with testimonies from people who had received
one healing or the other. He then reached the
moment when he asked for those who wanted
to give their lives to Jesus.

Comfort did not waste anytime. Pronto, she
went on her knees and prayed along with the
guy. The man then prayed for them and
everyone else who had watched the program
before rounding off.

Once she was done with the prayer, she felt a
sense of relief. She immediately called Courage
and relayed what happened which delighted

The days rolled by, the three girls enjoying their
holiday and IT. Cassie had shaken off her love
sickness and was renewed and stronger, while
Comfort was enjoying her time with Terry and
her aunt in Abuja. Courage, who stayed back in
school was also doing well in school.

Schooling resumed, with the session been the
last for Cassie and Courage, while Comfort had
one more session. Cassie settled the lingering
questions with her lecturer, kindly but quietly
declining his offer. Comfort was now serious
with studies and had even become a serious
church member.

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