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Chronicle of Frank – S01 E47

. Oyindamola stepped into her father’s ward,

she ran and embraced him immediately she saw

him. she stared at him and sat on the edge of

the bed.

“How are you Daddy? she asked.

Am fine, he responded.I’m eighty percent okay.

“That’s nice, she said squeezing his hand

gently.”But i want you to be a hundred percent


So i have already made arrangement for

you to be flown to london where you had

receive better medical treatment. she said and

he smiled faintly and chuckled.

“That won’t be necessary.the doctor said i

would be discharged next week.”he stopped and

stared at her.

Oyin told him she was not comfortable with the

medical attention he got there and requested to

speak with the doctor and Mr.otunba quickly

called doctor frank and told him his daughter

wanted to see him.


Doctor frank had just completed his routine

ward round and was about to go home when he

received the call.he smiled to himself as he

turned back and raced to Mr.otunba douglas’s

ward. he walked in and saw a very pretty lady

that looked much like Oyin, talking to

Mr.Otunba as she turned her gaze to his


Oyin turned away from his father and stared at

the young doctor when she noticed her heart

beating faster as she continue to stare at

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him. her mouth dropped wide open immediately

she saw him.

she saw so surprised and shocked to see the

figure standing close to her, she wipe her eyes

severely with her hands to know if it’s saw only

a dream but find none as she didn’t know when

the name she had missed and wished to hear

came out of her mouth.

“Frank! she screamed.”Is that you? she asked

and walked close to him.oh no….its a lie I can’t

believe this.”she stared at him until she heard

that sweet voice of his she had longed to hear

for so many years.

“You had better believe it because it’s real. they

both stared at each other for a while and

embraced passionately with frank pulling up her

face to kiss her as he stared at her lip he had longed to kiss for

many years.

he pulled his lips towards hers to kiss her when

Mr.otunba coughed mischievously to remind

them of his presence. they quickly disentangled

from each other’s embrace. she turned to her

father and said.

“Daddy, is he the doctor? she smiled while her

father nodded and said.

“Oyin, he saved my life. if not for him, I had

been dead by now.he began…honestly, God

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works in mysterious ways.I didn’t know God

sent him to my house because of the important

role he would play in my life.

I sacked him when i noticed you were going out

with him and even hired assassins to kill him.”

Oyin was stunned and shocked as he stared at

her father with mouth agape, she couldn’t

believe her father could go to far just to have

frank dead.

“You did what, daddy? she asked while he

stared at the ceiling unable to look his daughter

in the face.

“The men almost killed me, doctor frank said,

breaking the silence between father and

daughter. “but God saved me.i fled from Lagos

and ran back to my village. i was able to recover

my father’s property which my wicked uncle had

taken so i went back to school to complete my

studies. he finally stopped while oyin continue

to stare at him. Oyin recounted her own story to

him to lighten the tense mood when Mr.otunba

burst into laughter and both Oyin and frank join


. “Well, everything is over now, he said. and i

have learnt the lesson of my life. he said while

everyone bursted into laughter.

“Let’s forget the past and talk about the

present”,Oyin said then turned to frank.

“How about your family, I mean your wife,

children and the home. she said and looked

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sober with heavy heart while frank smiled nd


“Which wife, which children and home? I can’t

be talking about these wen I’m still single. he

said and held her hand, looking into her

eyes. I’m still searching for another Oyindamola. i

lost the first one many years ago. I guess you

should be married by now, he said smiling at


Oyin exchange glance with her father and then drawled.

“I almost got married but….she managed to say

but was cut short by Mr.otunba.

My plans for her didn’t work out and am glad it

didn’t, Mr.otunba cut in.”Frank,the ball is now in

your court.

Oyindamola is yours. he said and

oyin turn to frank.

“That’s if he wants me, dad. she said and made

a face. he may have other plans.

Doctor frank laughed and turned to Mr.otunba,

then bowed.

“Sir, would you grant us permission to proceed

to the altar? he asked and held Oyin by his


“With all pleasure, my son. Mr.otunba responded

happily as Oyin and frank embraced and kissed

passionately. this time, Mr.otunba did not stop


he watched them with tears in his eyes.

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