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Chronicle of Frank – S01 E42

. Steve Turner entered the bar with his face

pulled downward as he swallowed and walked

fully into the bar.

the bar was classic and tastefully designed but it

was nothing but a bar,he wondered why Dina

choose to meet him there.he walked to the back

where Dina told him to come and surely she was

there already, waiting and smiling towards him.

Dina:Hi! Dina said in greeting,staring at him.

Steve:How are you.he said and stared at her.

Dina:Am good.

Steve:you are Dina davis right?he said softly and

she nodded, making sure to keep his voice

muted.they both sat down in agreed silence.

there was a red wine on the table joining them

that Dina ordered for immediately she got

there.steve took a glass up and helped himself

with it.he poured himself some of it and drank

from the cup slightly when he heard her voice.

Dina:Hello! she wave at him.thanks for coming.

she smiled and stared at him.

I know you would be confused on how i got to

know you but i got your contact from Ben,I

believe he worked for you.she said and Steve


Steve:hmmm…Oh really. he said and tried to

put to up a smile.

Dina:Yes! and i believe we share things in

common. she smiled and stared at him.

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Steve :And what did you mean by that.he


Dina:well, I want to make frank mine while you

want Oyin. so we could come up with a plan to

separate the both of them cos i know you want

Oyin by all cost.she said and Steve smiled.

Steve:hmm…he thought for sometime and

regarded her for a while and said.

Yes. you are right.he said,still smiling.I think we

should do something fast before it’s too late.he

said with all seriousness.

Dina:Yea, we have to.she said, hitting her hand

on the table.

Steve:so what are we gonna do? he asked and

stared at Dina who shrugged and said.

Dina:I think we should get Oyin crippled for life

and that will make frank leave her and come to

me.she said and smiled devilishly.

Steve frowned, watching her without any emotion even


his tension was increasing.his breathing was low

as he glared at Dina with so much hatred and

anger,then he stood up.

Steve:Are you stupid or something, don’t you

know who we are dealing with that you have to

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come up with such an evil deed.he fired at her,

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trying hard to keep his voice down….Have you

forgotten who her father is? he said and roared

with laughter. It’s seems you don’t know him

yet to think of something like this.he swore

under his breath, holding on to his temper in

order not to cause a scene there in the bar by

raising his voice on her.

Dina:hmmm..I see.she smiled….but i want her

out of the way.she barked at him.

Steve:And frank? he shouted.

Dina:Ok fine.I have got another plan.she smiled

and Steve quietly sat down, staring at her.


Oyin lay on her bed, operating on her laptop

when her door opened and her father walked

in, pacing round the room.

she turned and stared at him, his face doesn’t

show any sign of happiness but an angry and

ugly one.

she froze at the thought of her dad being angry

and feared wot could be the problem that

makes him like that.she quickly stood up and

went close to him but was stopped half way by

her father’s angry voice.

“What on earth is wrong with you,haven’t I

warned you to back off from that silly

relationship you had with that poor flitty human

being. he shouted while Oyin hissed and quietly

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sat down.

We are not talking about this again Dad.she


Now listen to me.he began, coming closer to her

while she stepped back…it’s Obvious you can’t

listen and obey me and stay away from that

fool.Get ready, you are leaving the country

before the week runs down.he said and began

to walk out but turned wen he heard her voice.

“Dad, common what are you talking about.she

laughed.I don’t seem to get it.she said and

waved up her hands.

“Don’t try to joke with me young woman. You

heard me.he shouted and walked out of the


. Oyin stood still when her father left the room. she was

confused and surprised at

her father’s out burst. she frozed at the

thought of her leaving the country.

what would happen to her…

what would happen to frank and the

relationship they build together. she sighed

and staggered to the bed as tears began to

drop from her eyes.

“You are nothing but a terrible father…she

muttered to herself with much anger and

hatred as she collapsed to the bed.

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