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Chronicle Of Frank – S01 E40

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. Oyin sighed as she turned her head from side

to side but didn’t see anyone.

Oh God! what’s happening to me.she muttered

to herself as she increased her pace, walking

faster as her legs could carry her. she still felt

that eyes on her but couldn’t place whose eyes

it was.

someone had been watching her but who could

that be.she asked herself and glanced around


it was certain, someone was definitely watching

and following every of her movement. she was

now scared and afraid, she decided to run so as

to avoid any harm that could come her way.

she ran fast and came out to a road where she

took a cab that will drop her off to her



Oyin woke up the next morning feeling so weak

and tired,pulling the duvet awkwardly and

finally away from her body.

she sighed and sat down, then stared at the

door being pushed open by someone from

behind.she wondered who could be at her door

step in this early morning to disturbe her sleep

after coming back home late in the evening. she

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feared and prayed it won’t be her father, she’s

not in the mood to batter words with him.

. The door opened and Mr.Otunba douglas came

in with a very big mind blowing sweet cake,

carefully designed with his daughter’s best

colour which was pink with a nice a sweet

smell. Oyin froze at the thought of cake, she

stared at her father as if she was seeing him for

the first time.

she quickly stood up as her father approach her

and place a soft kiss on her cheeks and

muttered something nice to her.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, my angel. he smiled

and chuckled while Oyin’s mouth flew wide open

with a was her birthday and she didn’t

even have the knowledge of it, that it was

today.she loved her father for being able to

remember this day she was born.she quickly ran

to him for a hug but her father quickly run to

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the other side of the room with the car and

carefully place it on top of her reading desk.

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Happy birthday dear, wow! my angel is +1

today.he shouted and went to hug her.

“Oh my God! Today is my birthday dad.she

shouted and jumped on him.

“Yes my angel. he nodded and chuckled while

Oyin ran to hug him again when the door fling

open. she turned and saw Lisa and Steve with

all the maids that worked in her father’s house.

the smiled to her and shouted.

“Happy birthday to Miss Oyin.they smiled and

claped their hands then began to sing a birthday

song for her.she was shocked, surprised and

stunned as she stared at them.

she didn’t know when her eyes was watered

with her own tears as she remembered her

lovely mother, she ought to be here to see her

baby clock 24 yrs today but No she wasn’t here

to give her the birthday wish every mother

would give to her daughter.

she wiped her tears and ran to hug Lisa, then

turn to stare at steve for sometimes before he

opened his hands and she slipped into them.

Her father called her to come forward and she

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began to walk towards him when she saw him

straight out his hand towards her with

something that looks like a car key.

She stopped half way and stared at it with

mouth agape.

“Common my angel, she heard her father called

her and said.Have this,he said and pulled his

hand towards her.

“This is the car key to you car outside there.he

point to the direction of the infinity high lander

which was packed at the garage. she jumped up

with joy and ran to hug her father.

She heard one of the made, cutie who called for

her attention immediately she withdraw herself

from her dad.

Ma, you have a guest outside. she said while

Mr.otunba shrugged and said.

Bring him here.he said and cutie shook her

head and said.

Sir, he said she should come’s a surprise

visit.she said and walked out while Oyin smiled

out to her dad and followed Cutie.

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