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Chronicle of Frank – S01 E35

. Dina quickly ran back to frank’s apartment

when she saw Oyin, driving towards her

direction. she banged the door so hard, thinking

it was locked from behind but was surprised

when it opened by itself. she was happy that he

didn’t lock it on time.

She pushed it open and came,she saw frank sat

down in a way that he was backing her.

he heard footsteps and quickly turn back to

stare at Dina, coming close to him with a

worried face. he stood up and face her when he

heard her voice.

Dina:pls frank, I know i have wronged you with

the words i used on so sorry, it won’t

happen again.

pls forgive me.she said while

frank quitely sat down, thinking out a way he

would make her leave.

Dina noticed he was now calm and decided to

make use of the moment to execute her evil


she knows Oyin would come in at any time and

would to see their relationship go down. she

smiled and walked closer to frank.

. Frank was confused about the whole that he

didn’t noticed Dina was very close to him.

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Dina was so fast that he didn’t understand what

she was trying to do.

she immediately jumped on top of him and the

both of them landed on the bed, making Dina to

be seen on top of him.she bend down to kiss

frank who struggle to push her away from him,

when the door opened.

Oyin:Jesus!! Oh my God.she shouted as hot

tears filled her eyes.she struggled not to believe

the man on the bed with another woman was

frank. hot tears pour down and she allowed them

to flow down and drop on the floor.

she saw a car behind her and was afraid she

was being followed by someone. she decided to

drive fast in such a way the car will miss her,

when she saw a car that looks almost like Dina’s

own. she tried not to believe it was dina’s

car. she shrugged it off and saw a figure running

into the building. she was shocked and scared as

she quickly packed her car and rush into frank’s

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apartment and opened the door to meet one of

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the greatest shock she would never think of happening in



She was surprised, stunned and shocked as she

stared at the both of them with rage and painful


more tears continue to pour down from her

eyes as stared at the with so much hatred and

anger and glared at frank. she was so shocked

he choose to take another woman in bed not

only an ordinary woman but her best friend.

frank was shocked to see Oyin and was mad at

himself to allow Dina play that stupid stunt on

him.he was surprised she could go that far just

break them apart,he felt like killing her there

and see her face again.

he looked with pleading eyes,he couldn’t

withstand to see to the woman he loved so

much cry because of the stupid stunt Dina

played on him.

he quietly went close to Oyin and tried to touch

her but she stepped back immediately and

yelled at him never to come close to her as she

glared at him with so much hatred and painful

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she turned to dina and walked close to her. she

forcefully drag her closer to face her.

Oyin:what did you think you are doing with

frank and why are you here?

she shouted while

Dina smiled and moved close to stare into her


Dina:hi girlfriend, what does it look like? she

asked. why can’t you watch and see how it

goes .she laughed and moved close to frank.I

really love this guy. oh my God, his so good in

bed. she smiled and continue.

you need to see him bang me so hard. she

chuckled and laughed.

Oyin looked at her with disgust,she couldn’t

believe Dina could say this to her face and mock

her. she decided to show her the type she was

made of cos she couldn’t stand her anymore.

she walked close to her and forcefully drag her

away from frank.she pulled her face up and

gave her three hot slaps that sent her staggered

backward to the bed.

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