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Chronicle Of Frank – S01 E30

Mr.Otunba sat on the couch with steve turner

who came to see Oyin after the disappointment

he experienced on the first time he came to

have Dinner with them.he had waited and

waited but didn’t see her.he decided to leave

and come back the next day she would be


. He came back after two weeks and yet meet

her absence and decided to leave but Mr.otunba

assured him that he would call her to leave

whatever she was doing and come back home

cos he couldn’t afford to see him leave without

seeing Oyin for the second time after so many


He watched steve sat down quietly, he could tell

his being restless and eager to meet his

daughter. he smiled and began to imagine what

will be Oyin’s reaction when she gets to see

him, he prayed within himself she wouldn’t

appear so rude and mean towards steve.

Steve on his own part, was eager and looking

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forward to see her after so many years. he

began to imagine how it’s going to be when they

gets to see each other.

He was still on his own thought when they

heard a car drove in, indicating that someone

just drove in.Mr.otunba walks to the window to

have a clear view of the person that drove in

and it happens to be his daughter. he

announced her arrival to steve turner who

composed himself and looked on to see her.


Dina was lying down as she remembered the

event of yesterday at the hospital between she

and frank.

she smiled and laughed at the way the both of

them stared at each other.she loved it and

wished it will last forever but was interrupt by

her friend.

Why must she come in at that

moment she enjoyed it much.she hissed and

hope to put them apart and have frank only to

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she turned and wished she had his contanct

with her.

she vowed to have him at all cost and would

love to send him sweet text.

she smiled and tried to get up when her phone

rang.she took it and check the call ID which

happens to be Henry.

Henry was a smart and handsome with a bold face but

not that

handsome as frank.

he met each other in the university wen they

wrote their first semester exam.

He help her with some of the question until they

were through with it and therefore exchanged

contacts untill they find each other attractive

and felt the same feeling.

they loved each other began to date untill she

met frank and develop strong feelings for him

that she couldn’t get him off her mind,she

started avoiding henry so as to get frank.

she hissed and picked up.


. Everywhere was silent except the Noise from

the CNN that was displaying News on the Plasma

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TV which hung 4meters away from them.

Oyin walked in with a straight face, she couldn’t

tell why her father sound so harsh and mean to

her over the phone.she looked on to see the so

called guest that made her father behave that


she open the door and walked in only to see her

father, seated down and wearing a huge

smile.she turned to the direction were steve sat

down and there eyes met.

she stared at him and quickly looked away then

went to meet her father while steve continue to

stare at her with mouth agape, he couldn’t

believe the lady standing close to him was


he nodded and fed his eyes so more as

Oyin couldn’t understand what was happening.

she stared at her dad with those lovely eyes she

got from her mother.

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  • I wonder y Dina is disturbing herself wen she has someone. I no she doesn’t love Frank, jus 5o destroy beautiful relationship
    Steve I was not surprised at oyin ignorance on u bcus from day one. U 2 don’t tangle

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