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Chronicle Of Frank – Episode 5

He could not believe it, all he could do was to

stare at the d letter nd the money in his

hand.he was so engrossed wit d content of d

parcel dat he did not notice wen Baba crept in.

Baba:Oludumare!! he screamed nd whistled in

amazement d moment he saw d money in

frank’s hand.

frank tried to hide it but ended up spilling d

whole tin on d floor.Baba laughed wildly.

Baba:I don see am;no need to hide anything”

he said as he stretched out his hand nd told

frank to shake him…

Frank:wots dat for? he asked.

Baba:Igbo boy, I don dey fear u.i no know say U

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dey do juju, so ur juju don catch Otunba pickin

soteeh she come dey dash u money? he said nd


Frank:She didn’t give me any money”,it’s my

money.he replied nd baba laughed again.

Baba:Igbo boy, I no be small pickin.i see wen

she give u the money, so make u no lie again.

I don work for Otunba reach ten years bt dat girl

never dash me money.


Baba:U wey jst come last year don begin get

money frm her.wetin dat one be, no be juju?

Igbo boy! Igbo boy! hmmm!!

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Frank:jst forget it, wot u saw is nothing ok.

Baba:hmm..i hear,ok we shall see.he said nd

laughed as he walked away.

. Frank looked at his face nd realized that he

had made a great mistake by allowing him to

see d money.


. After a week, his fears were confirmed wen

Baba came to him nd handed him a letter.

Frank:wots this for, he asked as he collected it

with a shaking hands.

Baba:Na from Otunba.he say make I give u.”he


frank’s heart flew into his mouth d moment

Otunba was mention cos wen ever his name

was mentioned, it’s either something is wrong or

wahala.He took d letter nd tucked it in his

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Baba:U no go read am? He asked wit an evil


Frank:I will read it later, “frank replied coldly.

Baba waited thinking he would read d letter in

his presence, but frank did not so he left,

feeling disappointed.

meanwhile, frank had already prepared his

mind for d worst so he was not shocked wen he

read d letter nd discovered that he had been

sacked for misconduct.He did not cry.he

swallowed d disappointment nd accept it as his


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