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Chronicle Of Frank – Episode 4

continue frm last episode.

Oyin:Does it mean you’d remain a gate man?

she asked nd he shook his head.

Frank:I’m jst here to raise some money dat

would enable me to go back to school nd

complete my studies.”

Tears began to form in her eyes, she did not

want to reveal her emotional side to him;

Oyin:can we be friends? she asked.

Frank:sure we can.he smiled as he couldn’t

understand d kind of feeling he got for her at

dat moment.

Oyin:ok.she said nd simply walk away without

saying another word.


Two days later, she came to the gate nd gave

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him a sealed parcel. frank was surprised wether

to collect it or not.

Oyin:common take it, its jst a little gift frm me.

Frank:wots this for? he asked as she smiled


Oyin:U will know wot it is wen u open it, but

don’t do it now, pls.she said as she looked

around to know if someone was watching.

. While she was discussing with him, the old

gardener, whom everybody called ‘Baba’walked


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Oyin greeted him nd left immediately. the old

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man trailed her wit his eyes until she vanished

into d house then he turned to frank.

Baba:wetin u dey do with Otunba douglas

pickin? he demanded eyeing him suspiciously.


Baba:Abi u no know say u nd am no dey d same

level? u be poor Imo boy.she be big man

pickin.if Otunba see u nd am dey tak, he fit say

u dey chase im pickin nd dat one go be real

wahala for u.he stopped.

Frank told him dia was nothing going on btw


Baba:then Y she give u envelope? I see wen she

give u d tin.he eyed him.

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Frank denied receiving anything frm her.


shrugged nd walked away mutterin to himself.

frank made sure Baba was not hiding close by

before opening d parcel. carefully tucked inside

a folded letter was ten thousand naria.


mouth dropped wide open.he read silently d

later written in neat nd lovely writing. as d letter

read thus:

Dear friend,

this is my little way of supporting ur dream of

returning to school.pls don’t reject it.

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