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Chronicle of Frank – Episode 26

Oyin couldn’t believe all this happened within

30 minutes,

She was lying on her bed wen yesterday event

played played on her memory. she stood up

and head to the window,she looked out through

it.she began to think about frank.

Oh noo, who knows whats happening to him


I hope his Ok and fine.

God!! my father is nothing but wizard.

Am I still

a child? can’t he just leave to take decide for

myself. She wishpered and looked away.

Is it a crime to be the senators only

daughter.she said as tears drop down her


She was on her own thought when she heard a

knock, she turned quickly to the direction.

I hope it’s not the david that calls himself my

father. She said and clean the tears that drops

on her cheek.

Oyin:Yes, come in.she said and one of the maid

called cuti came in.

Cuti:Goodmorning ma.

Oyin:yes, how may i help you?

Cuti:Your Dad wants to see you.she said.

Oyin:Ok, you can go now.she replied and looked

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away.while the maid left.

who knows Y he called me.she hiss and stood

up and walk to the door, open it and walk down

d stairs into the sitting room.

Oyin:Goodmorning dad.she greeted and looked


Mr.Otunba:Morning dear, hw was your night.

hope it was great and lovely as mine? he smiled

while Oyin hissed.

Oyin:There is nothing good abt the night.

you made my night horrible with your

wickedness.she yelled.

Mr.Otunba:what did u mean by that? his voice

was low.

Oyin:Dad, don’t make me look like a fool.

which of the english i said That you don’t

understand? huh…


Oyin:I know you understand what I mean.why

will a father try to destroy her daughters

happiness? tell me dad.she shouted.

Mr.Otunba:Your happiness is all that matters to

me.I did the best thing any father could do for

her child.he smiled.

Oyin:God! And you thing what you did was d

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best thing to do?

mr.Otunba:Yes.I did it for you.he said.

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Oyin:ok, the best thing u can do for me is by

sending those guys to beat up an innocent boy

that did nothing to you.

Is it a crime to fell in love?she yelled.

Mr.Otunba:Will you shut up young woman.What

did U know about love.he fired at her.

Oyin:I just hate you Dad.she yelled and glared

at him.

Mr.Otunba:Are you that stupid enough to sleep

over in the house of that stupid poor boy you

called ur boyfriend and U think i will allow that?

he shouted.

Oyin:What you did was rude and dangerous, wot

if he dies?

Mr.Otunba:Oh…I will be so happy to hear

that.he smiled.

Oyin:Dad, how can you be so wicked and

rude.she yelled while he slapped her so hard.

Mr.Otunba:How dare you talk to ur father like

that.he fummed, moving close to her while Oyin

stepped backward.

Oyin:Dad, you slapped me?

Mr.Otunba:Yes and I wil do it again if that’s wot

it takes to correct you.he glared at her.

Oyin:Am only your daughter, U don’t know

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me.she yelled.

You will regret this oneday,I promise you

that.she said and walked out from his presence.

Otunba:God! this girl will not kill me.shes now

sturbon to handle.he said and collasp to the

nearest sofa close to him.


. Dina decided to visit frank cos it was saturday

and people hardly go to work dat day.

She drove in her highlander without scratches on

the car.she saw a building and drove in then

parked somewhere. she stepped down and scan

the environment before walking into house.

She knocked at the door and went inside then saw

someone lying on the floor.She stared at it and

went close to it.

Dina:Oh my God, frank is that you.

she moved back.wot happened to u ?she asked

and rush out to call d neighbors.

They took frank to her car while Dina started the

car and speed off to d hospital.

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