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Chronicle Of Frank – Episode 25


Frank:No you can’t go out there when am here

doing nothing. I need to protect you, Stay back

while I go check the door.he said and walk to

the door, unlock it and fling it open to see four

four heavy built men.looking so mean and

dangerous. they pushed him aside and came


Ted glared at him and ordered his men to

search for oyin.he moved close to frank.

Ted:Where is she? you b….d.

Frank:Get ur hands off me.he shouted.

where did you keep her?

answer me..he held him on the cheek and gave

him a heavy punch on the face that sent him

rolling on d floor. he immediately stood up and

made to fight back but was hold down by the

other guys.

he punched him again on the face and he fell

down, bleeding from the nose and mouth.

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The other guy came out with Oyin, he dragged

her out and push her forcefully to the ground as

he made to hit her with his fist.

she pushed him so hard and stood up.

Oyin:Don’t dare raise your flitty hands on me or

I will make sure you rot in jail.she spat at him

and glared at d other guys, then turn to

frank,lying on the floor with blood coming out

from his nose and mouth.she quickly ran to him

and turn to Ted.

Oyin:What have you done to him? Ted.she


Ted:See Oyin, we need to go now.

Oyin:You must be stupid, how dare you raise ur

cursed hands on him.she fired at him while he

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looked away and ordered his men on wot to do.

Ted:hey guys.what are you staring at? he

yelled.common deal with him.he said while the

3guys rushed him and started beating him as

heavy punch coming from different directions

and land on his body as he groan in pains.

Oyin saw this and couldn’t withstand it as she

wailed and yelled trying to break free from the

other guys that hold her.

Oyin:oh noo…Ted, pls let him go for my

sake. this is not good and can’t you see his

bleeding. she sobed.pls leave him, I will pay you

any amount u want

she sobed loudly while Ted smiled and turn and

told his men to release him.

Ted:Guys, that’s enough. let’s start going. he said

and move to the door while the Other guys left

quickly while Oyin ran frank and hugged him so

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tight,not wanting to leave him.

Oyin:Pls baby, am so sorry about this. they wants

to take me away, pls use the Money on my pause

and treat urself. She sobed.I will see you tomorrow

morning. she said and kiss him lightly on the lips.

I love you so much.she wishpered and hug him.

Ted came back and dragged her furiously away

from him and walk out through the door.he pushed

her into the car where the Other guys were busy

beating the driver.

Dayo cried, shouted and groan in pains, he

couldn’t take it anymore as he fell down and

passed out.

they left him there and speed away wit Oyin.

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  • Nawaooo wat is wrong with all this rich men self

    Anyways Frank I told u ahead of time about d beating but na d driver beating I no understand d order. Y beating d poor man lik that naa bcus he is serving d family
    This world self

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