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Chronicle Of Frank – Episode 24

Frank was lying down on his bed, he wore no

shirt but he managed to wear a boxer.he smiled

as he wait for Oyin to join him in bed.

Oyin came out from the bathroom after a long

bath, she head straight to the bed and sat down

to apply some cream on he body.she gentlely

rub some cream on her legs and arms wen she

felt a hand round her waist.she turned to meet

frank staring at her with those lovely eyes of

his, she smiled and drop the cream then looked

at him.

Oyin:Baby, hope you had much fun at the

party? she asked.

Frank:yes! I did and U?

Oyin:sure.I did and love it wen am around with

you.she smiled.

Frank:Good, come here.he said nd took her into

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his arms.

frank:You are so beautiful baby…he stared at

her as their face gets close to each other.

Oyin:thank U

Frank:I love you so much

Oyin:I love you too. she smile.

Frank:You look so lovely nd pretty, No one can

take your place in my heart and i will forever

love U.he said nd drew her close to him with his

lips forward to hers while Oyin moved forward


their lips met with each other as they devour

their lips hungrily with strong emotions building

into them that they couldn’t hold themselves.

The kiss goes more deeper as Oyin took her

hands downward below his stomach while frank

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slowly untie the towel which hold her firmly on

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the chest and pulled it away, still kissing her

passionately as they fell to the bed.

He left her lips and move down to her two

lovely b…t, he stopped and stared at them for a

while admiring them.then squeeze them gently

and lovely while she moan and screamed out his


Frank, I love you so much..she said in between


I love you too baby.he replied as she pulled

back slowly while frank bend down to s–k those

lovely b….t.

he began to s–k on one of them hungrily nd

made to move to the next when he heard a

knock on d door.

he sprang up immediately like someone being

chased by an evil spirt.

he stood still staring at the door while Oyin tried to

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compose herself and stared at Frank.

The knock came again.frank quickly put on his

clothes and shouted…

Frank:Who is that and what did you want? he


TED:If you don’t open this door now, i wil have no

other Option than to kick it out myself. U dirty

Pig.he shouted while frank Sprang up in fear and

looked at Oyin who quickly recognized the voice,

she stood up and quickly put on her clothes, then

turn to frank…

Be cool and stay here while I go check the

door..she said and made to go but frank held her


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