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Chronicle Of Frank – Episode 18

Lisa Davis nd Dina montin were born in a rich

family but Lisa was the quite type while dina

was the opposite of it.being proud of her

father’s wealth, she can do anything to get want

she want and desire. she’s d type that don’t

give up on anything she cherish nd loved

easily. she was a very good friend of oyin right

from their childhood days before Oyin and Lisa

met each other wen they were in secondary

school and wrote jamb in the same day.

Oyin find Lisa as d quite type dat don’t talk

much nd very brilliant in terms of education.

She help oyin out in some of d questions she

find difficult during their jamb exam.

it was on her 22nd birthday party that she

introduce Lisa to Dina, she too seem to like her

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as both of them found each other attractive nd

friendly. they exchange numbers so as to know

each other well.

They were best of friends nd got admission to

study in the same university.


Music filled everywhere as many people with

their spacious, men nd woman, boys nd girls nd

married couples dance to the music being

played by the DJ as he continue to entertain

them with different music.

gifts, food nd many assorted drinks can be seen

in different tables that few people sat on,

drinking nd gisting at d same time.

. Dina nd Lisa walked in,neatly dressed in a long

pink gown with a silver shoe on their

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feets,gisting and laughing at d same time. they

spotted a quite place with chairs well arranged

round d table with different drinks nd food on


they sat down still discussing nd laughing.

Dina:O girl, wheres Oyin?wots keeping her so

long till now.she said nd glance at her wrist gold


Lisa:Hmmm…Let’s wait, she might be on her

way here.she replied and looked away.

they were gisting nd laughing that they didn’t

notice wen oyin walked in with frank.they turned

nd directed their attention to them as they come


Dina:Wow..that dude is so handsome.

hmm…Oyin is really lucky to have him.I can’t wait

to meet him.

she said nd wave at them.

Lisa:O girl, better behave urself nd be calm.she

rolled her eyes nd eyed her.

Dina:just shut up.she fired at her and frown wen

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she saw Oyin coming to them with her hands

wrapped around frank’s waist as they come closer.

Hmm…Y must she hold him dat way as if it’s

allowed,it really disgust me.she said to herself,

hissed and looked away.


Frank walked in with oyin who wrapped her hand

round his waist as they came.All eyes and

attention was drift to them as some girls with their

spacious began to admire him.

She saw her friends wave at her, they began to

walk towards their direction as all eyes were left

on them.

Frank:wow….Here is beautiful nd lovely. he turned

and Stared at Oyin..

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