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Chronicle Of Frank – Episode 16

He looked up with surprise boldly written on

his face, mouth agape.

Mr Otunba:wow…who do we have here? he

asked, being excited to see him after so many


Steve:Good day sir, its me steve.he smile as

they shook hands.

Mr Otunba:wow…u have grown so big, now a

man.he said while he laughed nd sat down.

Steve:Sure sir.

Mr Otunba:wen did u arrive, your father never

told me you are be coming here to see me.

Steve:hmmm..he dont know am here, i want it

as a surprise he wouldn’t know.

Mr otunba:hmmm….welcome back son.he said

nd stood up to hug him.

Steve:tank U sir.

Mr otunba:So wen are u going back or have U

come to stay? he asked

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Steve:Actually sir, am

fully back, not going back again.i have to take

up my responsiblity here with d family

business.he replied him

Otunba:wow…thats good.U are finally thinking

like a man.he smiled and stared at him for


Steve:Yea, he replied feeling somehow.

Ermm..umm…how about Oyindamola? he asked

and Otunba smiled.

Otunba:she’s doing fine nd Ok.

Steve:she’s now a full grown woman, i must say.

Otunba:Yes.he replied nd roared with laughter

making him look confused, thinking if he said

something funny.

Steve:I heard she’s now schooling in d

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Otunba:yes, she is.he giggled.she refused to

study outside Nigeria nd i have to obey her

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wish.he said as both of them laughed

Steve:I wish to see her, it has been long i saw

her.He said, wondering if she had change cos he

knows Oyin as d type dats rude nd insultive.he

wished she had changed.

Otunba:Sure, You can.U will come have dinner

with us.he sure she will be chanced

by then.

Steve:Am glad to hear that.he said nd stood

up.I will be on my way now Sir.

Otunba:Alright den, tanks for coming nd send

my regards to ur father, tell him we will meet at

d club.he nodded nd walked out, closing d door

behind him as Otunba smiled.

. He had grown to a full man nd now wise.I hope

Oyin gets to love him, they will fit perfectly. he

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. Frank was going through some files in his office,

the church will be needing in two weeks time.

the door opened, to view a very pretty young lady,

dressed neatly in a pink tight top with a blue jean

trouser that match with a pink shoe and a bangle

on her left hand which dangles,creating a low

sound. her scent filled d small room immediately

she stepped in.

His heart jumped up with joy as he fed his eyes

more at d angel standing beside him, bumming

with smiles.

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