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Chronicle Of Frank – Episode 10

He hasitated for a while wondering if it was save

to kiss her in public, but the stern look in her

eyes told him she would not accept anything

short of a kiss. he drew close to her and gave

her a light kiss on the lips and as he tried to

pull back his head, she held him tightly nd

began to devour his lips hungrily.

Frank:People are watching us, Oyin, “he

managed to mumble and tried to break frm the

kiss. she suddenly realised herself nd released

him immediately.

Oyin:I’m sorry;I got carried away.”

She became conscious of the numerous eyes

watching them then whispered to him.

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Oyin:Pls let’s leave here and go to a more

secluded place.”

Frank:”As u wish.”my love.he said as they stood

nd made to leave.

She took him to a secluded guest house at

Ojuelegba where they would have enough

privacy. they started dating as they met secretly

at a hidden spot to share their love. not even

her dad, Otunba knows abt it.



. Otunba Douglas hardly went to Ojuelegba, but

dat saturday. he had gone there to inspect a

piece of land he was planning to purchase on.

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He was sitted at d back seat while his driver

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drove along Ojuelegba street. As he looked out,

he was shocked to see his daughter’s car parked

in front of a guest house.

he was not wearing his glasses so he quickly put

them on to make sure he was not being

deceived by his eyes, but wot he saw was not


Otunba:God!! wot could Oyin be doing in a

guest house at Ojuelegba? jesus Olodumare! but

she told me she was going to school for an

important lecture.Holy Cow!! this girl won’t kill

me before my time.he lamented nd signed.

Driver:Sir, maybe she gave the car to one of her

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friends nd the person drove downto this

place,”Segun, his personal driver suggested.

Otunba:Well, whatever the case maybe, “he


I must get to the root of this matter.”its

only with time.he said nd stopped still gazing at

d car.

He ordered Segun to reverse nd park d car

where it would not be easily seen.

then they began

to wait for d person dat parked the car to come


Otunba:whoever it is must hear from me. he said

and waited pateintly.

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  • Ewoo.. Things are about to fall apart, I just hope frank and oyin would be able to hold the center… Because Otunba is no longer at ease after seeing his daughter’s vehicle parked in front of a guest house…

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