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Charming – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]



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Story Title: Charming

Episodes: 4

Category: Romance

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Episode 1

“Leigh! Have you completed your task? “As I leaned in closer to the mirror and whisked the brush through my hair one last time before tying it into a high ponytail, came floating in through the open door.

I said, “Coming.” I walked back to look at the complete image after applying a dash of lip gloss. To screen out the direct sunshine, the white, small halter top reached just below my breasts and was covered by a sheer see-through shirt on top. As I sat on the small seat in front of the mirror, my red shorts tightened around my hips, revealing my beautiful, wonderfully tanned legs. I’d worn the very minimum of make-up because I’d be spending the entire day outside and, if I overdid it, I’d be sticky sweaty in less than an hour.

I was confident in my appearance. Perfect for taunting Kyle throughout the day.

Kyle was a coworker and a buddy of mine. I’d had feelings for him for a long time but refrained from approaching him because I knew he was in a relationship. He’d recently broken up with his girlfriend, and after waiting a time, I realized I had to go after him before he was snatched up by someone else. Since he suggested a weekend trek on a trail we’d both hiked before, I’ve been plotting how to entice him. I quickly put a handkerchief over my hair and walked out, eager to launch my assault on him.

Kyle stood there with his backpack in one hand, ready to go. His abs were nicely displayed by a tight grey t-shirt that hugged his torso. I was shocked to see him in jeans because we usually wore shorts on days when we were outside. I cocked an eyebrow at him after a quick glance at the jeans.

He shrugged his shoulders. “Underneath, I’m wearing shorts. The jeans might come off later.”

In the open-top jeep, we headed off. The rushing wind brushed against my bare legs, causing goose pimples to appear all over my skin and my nipples to take note. I sighed as Kyle’s palm stroked the outside of my thigh while shifting gears, as though I was aware of every inch of my body.

He looked across at me as he turned his head.

I smiled at him and tried to remain calm, as I didn’t want him to figure out what I was up to just yet. I wanted him to squirm in his trousers, so I gave him a little harmless taunting.

We arrived at the trailhead in the middle of the morning and immediately began walking. It was a long journey, and we had to hurry if we wanted to return before sunset. Staying in the cabin halfway up the trail was not in the cards for us… or at least not for Kyle. I can only hope.

I was almost lulled into a dream as we climbed up the narrow, bumpy trail between the towering trees and lush green vegetation. Under the trees, the temperature was humid and warm, causing half of my thoughts to fall off into a slumberous state. My sight was caught on the bobbing ass in the tight jeans one step ahead, while the other half concentrated on putting one foot ahead of the other.

I collided with Kyle as he abruptly came to a halt. To keep myself from falling, I wrapped my arms around his waist. “What’s going on?” says the narrator.

He laughed and replied, “Just thought we’d stop for a drink.”

In the hot weather, we were given a drink of glucose mixed with water to keep us hydrated. After taking a swig, Kyle handed me the bottle, and I drank a couple swallows, a few drips of the sweet water dripping down my chin. As I screwed on the bottle cap, I noticed Kyle staring at the corner of my mouth, and I secretly watched him from beneath my lashes.

I handed him the bottle and said, “Here.”

He took the bottle from me discreetly and slipped it into his rucksack. He threw the straps over his broad shoulders and bolted without saying anything.

After some time, we came to a grassy clearing and halted for lunch. I rested my tired buttocks on a flat rock, grateful for the reprieve as the pace had begun to wear me down. It would be beneficial to take a break.

Kyle sat down on the ground, his back to me and his backpack between us. He rummaged through his belongings until he found foil-wrapped sandwiches. He handed me one, peeled it, and began eating it. He noticed I hadn’t opened mine after two bites. He asked around a mouthful, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m just catching my breath.”

The real reason was that I couldn’t stop watching him. He looked utterly desirable with his attention focused on satisfying his hunger, a sweat-soaked lock of black hair falling over his forehead. His skin was shining from a fine sheen of perspiration, his t-shirt wet down the middle of his chest. My eyes strayed down to his groin, the legs spread open as he was sitting cross-legged. The jeans were tightly snug, outlining his…

I swallowed. This would not do. My plan was to make him want me, not the other way around. Lazily, I started opening the buttons down the front of my shirt. Kyle noticed when I shrugged out of it, my full breasts pushed out towards him as I shook off the sleeves with my hands behind my back. Innocently, I brushed my hand over my breast while throwing the shirt on top of the backpack between us. My nipple reacted, faintly discernible against the fabric of my top. I started opening the foil around my sandwich and noticed that Vince had stopped eating his.

“What’s the matter?” I asked him this time.

He came out of the trance, guiltily meeting my eyes. “Nothing,” he murmured.

“Well, eat then,” I threw back and smiled inwardly.

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