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Chain Reaction – Season 2 Episode 7 [Completed]

Episode 7



“Filled with so much anger at what Mazi had done, I stood

over my friend’s grave and swore that I would avenge his

death. Mazi, TMG and KK would all pay for their

wickedness. I turned to the grandfather and asked him to

grant me the permission to adopt Christopher’s name. It

was only both of us who knew that Christopher was dead;

and no one really knew what he looked like except me and

the man. Mazi didn’t know, neither did Mantis and KK. I

would go after Mazi first then return to square off with the

gangs – they had killed my friend; they, too, would pay the

steep price. The old man blessed me and told me that

Christopher would always be with me. Barely two days after

I became Christopher, I lured Mazi to Lagos by killing one of

his operatives and leaving a threatening letter for the rich

thug to find. In a week, Mazi left the east for Lagos.

“Lagos is a big city. How was Mazi able to locate you?”

Emeka asked.


“I located him. I tracked down one of his goons and beat

Mazi’s whereabouts out of him before I killed him. Then I

proceeded to give Mazi a false location about Christopher’s


“Please go on.”

“Two days ago, I contacted Mazi again and told him that

Christopher would be appearing at the Tafawa Balewa

Square in the afternoon of today. With the anger of hearing

about how Christopher had been killing his men, he didn’t

even verify the information that reached him; he just gave

the order to have Christopher taken to him alive. He had a

personal score to settle with him. The truth, however, is that

I led them to chase after a more dangerous person. The

bearded man in the red cap would kill them all in a single

stroke; that was actually what I was counting on. I stood far

away watching how they would all be wasted on trying to

confront the man. But my plan was foiled; I thought Mazi

himself would be there when they try to attack the bearded

man, but that was not to be. I didn’t suspect that Mazi

would ask that Christopher be brought to a certain location.

“When that realisation occured to me, I quickly sought out

Mazi’s right-hand thug and killed him within that hour. I took

his phone and went to the only place I knew would be

crowded after TBS. I went to Shoprite. I needed to find a

mark fast. I sat down in the restaurant and ordered for a

bottle of wine as I looked around for a suitable bait. I had

another plan in mind. I was still searching when you picked

a table close to me and ordered for a meal. You made a call

at that moment and I heard you introduce yourself as

Emeka to the person at the other end of the line. On hearing

your name, I knew I had found a bait; you share the same

name with Christopher, and your full beards was enough to

convince the abductors that you were really Christopher. I

walked out of the restaurant as soon as I heard you mention

your name. I walked away and made a call to the men

waiting in TBS. Then i went to the restroom wth my bag,

changed into these casual shirt and faded trousers, fixed

the false moustache and wore the wig.


“By the time I came out of the restroom, you were already

leaving the restaurant and walking towards the staircase

close to me. I had to act fast or I would lose you. As you

reached the staircase, I suddenly came before you and

tripped. You grabbed me immediately. Then I knew I had

had you. The rest you know.”


“Wow,” said Emeka, “I’m speechless!”

“Good. Now listen very carefully to me, Shoprite is just fifty

metres ahead. You will get out of this car, take the four

bags of money at the backseat and disappear. You have

served your purpose well. The money is your


Emeka stared at Lucas for a moment. He wanted to say

something but thought better of it and opened the door.

“One other thing, Emeka, you must not breathe a word of

everything I told you to anyone. If you do, I will find you

wherever you are and I will kill you. I don’t make empty

threats. You didn’t hear anything about Christopher, Lucas,

Mazi, Rough-88, Mandela, The Mantis Gang or The Kabba-


Emeka stepped out of the car without replying. He opened

the back door and retrieved the money.

“That was such an adventure,” he said as he walked away

with bags containing money.

Lucas zoomed off immediately. The time was 10:25pm.

That was such an adventure!

The revelation hit him like a raging matador. He pressed the

brakes sharply and the car screeched to a stop.

“Oh my goodness!”

He made a sharp U-turn and zoomed back to where he had

dropped the passenger.


The loose pieces of the puzzle were slowly engaging

themselves in his head as he drove on. Emeka had

intentionally called out his own name to his hearing at the

restaurant – he wasn’t making any calls . Emeka didn’t grab

him at the staircase by chance – it was purposeful . Emeka

didn’t take the silenced pistol from the abductors – the dead

men didn’t have silenced pistols. Emeka didn’t shoot

aimlessly at the warehouse – he had actually killed all the

men outside, because no bullet must go to waste. Mazi had

stared with surprise at the entrance and had seen Emeka

before he fell down dead – that was because he saw a

resemblance I didn’t see; he knew whom he was staring at.

Emeka had removed his glasses that short time. The eyes!

God gracious! The eyes!

The table had turned a long time ago. He didn’t use Emeka;

instead, Emeka had used him. Emeka had always been

many steps ahead of him right from the beginning. Another

revelation suddenly occured to him and he groaned out loud.

The master deceiver was not dead – the god of disguise had

done it again!

Emeka was the grandfather he met in the village!

The grave he was shown was Christopher’s grandfather’s.

Emeka, the brown-haired rapper, was Christopher!

Christopher was alive. And he had used him (Lucas) to kill

his evil father, because he didn’t want to commit patricide.

His friend was alive!

The joy that filled his heart was beyond description. He

finally felt whole again.

But there was no Christopher where he had dropped him. He

laughed out loud. He had told Emeka that he didn’t want to

see him again. His friend would make him sweat a little bit

before revealing himself. The knowledge that Christopher

was alive and well was enough to keep him happy for the

rest of his life.

However, he knew Christopher too well. He would not stay

hidden from him for too long. Christopher himself had told

him in the village that he would always be with him. He had

always been with him.


He looked behind him and found two of the four bags of

money. Typical Christopher; he had always believed in

equality. And talking of equality, he knew what Christopher

was going to do next. He had used him to kill his father, now

he would pay back the favour by fighting the one ultimate



TMG and KK, watch out, Christopher is back in town.

The first person Lucas knew Christopher would be going

after was Mandela – the bearded man in the red cap.

And lastly, Christopher would unleash terror on his enemies

with one single name – Lucas!



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