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Chain Reaction – Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 6



With the new information I had, it didn’t take too long before

I located Christopher’s mother’s family house. The house

seemed deserted except for a bent old man. The

dilapidating house was built with mud and thatched roof; the

old man didn’t seem to mind the situation of this

godforsaken hut. This was his house, and he would either

die in it or under it. I greeted the man but it seemed like he

didn’t even understand English, so I had to relate with him in

the local language i was sure he would understand. He

initially regarded me with suspicious and wary look until I

told him my name and asked after Christopher. He said

Christopher had told him I might come. Right there, sighed

with relief. I had finally reached the last destination. The

man invited me into the hut and offered my the oly drinks he

had – palm wine. He skillfully avoided my question when I

asked him about Christopher; he was rather talking about

things unrelated to my visit – the birds, the trees, the music,

the cultures and traditions of the ancient village. I thought

old age must have been denying the man of his sharp mind

for him to be talking about things that didn’t concern me.

“ ‘Where’s Christopher?’ I interrupted him sharply. I was

getting tired of his unending spiel.


“ ‘He’s dead, my son,’ the old man replied, ‘Christopher is


” ‘What!‘ I couldn’t believe my ears. what nonsense was this

old man talking about?

“Let me explain everything, my child,’ said the man,

‘Christopher came in here with two gunshot wounds on his

body – on the stomach and on the back. I didn’t know who

he was at first but I decided to treat him. his wounds were

too deep and infected; he didn’t get himself treated on time,

so it had gone beyond redemption. I knew he was going to

die; all I could do was relieve him of his pains.’

” ‘You killed him?’ I was about to pounce on him and beat

him black and blue.


” ‘No, I gave him some medicines to relieve his pains. then

he told me who he was. He was my grandson. he was the

son of Ifeoma who left this village many years ago because

she had a child out of wedlock. He was the child of Ifeoma

my daughter who was killed with her family thirteen years

ago. I asked him why he left his family for thirteen years

and he replied that a stranger had accosted him on the

street and told him Mr Oka was not his real father; his real

father wanted to kill him.

“ ‘Why would a father want to kill his own son?’ I was

confused. Nothing the man was saying made sense to me.

“The old man continued as if he had not heard me, ‘The

stranger had told him to run for his life and not tell anyone

his whereabouts..

“ ‘Does that mean that it was Christopher’s biological father

who ordered the execution of his family?’

“The old man nodded sadly.

“ ‘Why did the man want his son dead?’ I asked again.

“ ‘Mazi is a public figure with a family. He is the village’s

most powerful man of wealth. He has a family with

children. It was rumoured that his wife’s family helped him

to attain the fame and power he got; but he could not put

his zippers on check when he saw Ifeoma. He ended up

raping her; but his wife must not know about this lest he be

stripped of all his fortune and power. He wanted to kill

Ifeoma as soon as he discovered that she was pregnant.

His wife must not know about this. Sleeping with a random

girl was one thing, impregnating her was another. His wife’s

family would destroy him. We managed to hide Ifeoma from

him until she put to bed. Somehow, someone had informed

him that the baby had been born; and so we had to send

Ifeoma and her baby to another village where we believed

she would not be found; but after almost twenty years, Mazi

still tracked her and her family down. One of the many

regrets my grandson had before he died was the fact that he

would not be able to avenge his family’s murder on Mazi.

“And so the old man struggled upright and led me to the

back of the hut where he showed me my friend’s grave.

“ ‘That’s my grandson buried beside his grandmother,’ he

had said, with sadness etched on his wrinkled face. He told

me that Christopher was initially named Emeka. He shared

the same first name with you. Can you see why I had to use


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