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Chain Reaction – Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5


“I was relaxing at home when I received a call from

Christopher. He had been shot twice. He said he was okay

but I knew he wasn’t. You don’t feel okay on sustaining two

gunshot wounds. I wanted to go and help him out but he

refused to devulge his location. All he said was that he was

going home. He told me to vacate the house immediately

because the others were coming for me too.


The last words

I heard him speak were ‘It was such an adventure’ – that

was it; I didn’t hear anything from him again. I tried calling

him many times but the call never went through. I didn’t

know what had become of my friend. I decided to follow his

warning and fled the house. For two months, I stopped

being Lucas. I changed my identity totally. I went off the

grid. I cut loose my ties with anyone who knew me. I

became a different person entirely. That was what

Christopher would be if he was still alive. But I refused to

believe my friend was dead; Christopher was not an easy

kill. Then I suddenly recalled that he had told me he was

going home. I decided to seek out my friend after three

months of his disappearance.



“He had told me he had a family in the eastern part of the

country. I decided to seek him out there. Perhaps that was

the home he was talking about. The journey to the East took

me two days by road. His family home was hard to find but

I eventually located it. The house was an aold building with

the paints already peeling. I knocked on the door and was

greeted by an old couple. They were nice people; they

welcomed me like an old relation and offered me cold water.

I thought they were Christopher’s parents until I asked them

about their son. They smiled at me and said they had never

had children. They were a model couple. They grew old

together without children. How many couples could be like

them? I initially didn’t believe them. I thought they were

trying to hide Christopher from me but they seemed honest

about their conviction. They didn’t know anyone named

Christopher. Then the wife suggested that maybe I was

talking about the family that had live in the house before

them. I begged them to tell me about this family. What I

heard shocked me.



“Thirteen years ago, armed men had attacked the family

and killed everyone. Rumours had it that they had actually

come to eliminate the oldest child of the family but they

didn’t find him. The family membered were tortured and

questioned to tell them the child’s whereabouts; his younger

sister was raped and the younger brother beaten senseless.

When none of the members could give them any information

about the location of whom they sought, the men killed them

all. I couldn’t control the tears that ran down my cheeks as I

listened to the news. My friend had lost his family. If he had

really come to seek his family out, then the news must have

broken him. I was about to leave when the old couple told

me that someone had come before me to ask about this

family. They said the young man had wept much more than

I did, and he looked wounded. They swore they noticed

blood on him. He was trying to hide it but the blood still

seeped out. So Christopher was alive after all. The sadness

in me mixed with the joy of the news I had suddenly heard,

and the combination of these feelings left a strange

sensation in me. I implored the couple to tell me where he

went but they refused to divulge his location. They said they

could not because Christopher had told them some people

were after his life. Even these old people were loyal to

Christopher, a total stranger to them. Then something



“As I was still pleading with the couple to tell me where my

friend, two men suddenly broke into the house with

cutlasses drawn. I didn’t know who they were, and i was

sure they didn’t follow me from Lagos. By the local way they

were dressed, I could tell that they were thugs from the

neighbourhood. They must have been watching the house to

see if any stranger would visit the couple. They didn’t even

acknowledge my presence as one of them tried to hack the

old man down with his cutlass. In a second, I drew out my

gun and blew his brains out. The old man was baptized in

the killer’s blood. The other one that tried to kill the woman

got his own in the spine. He fell down lifeless immediately.

The couple didn’t even scream; they must have witnessed

worse in their lifetimes; but they were visibly shaken. I had

to make them some tea to calm their nerves. I didn’t know

who those men were but their mission was to kill the couple

first. The old people knew them; they were among the street

nuisances that always terrorised the locality. I told them

they were not safe there. Others might come. I assisted

them in packing the few things they could and saw them to

the bus that would transport them far away from that area. I

bid them farewell and wished them luck, the bus was

already moving when the woman put her head out of the

window and gave me a new address in another village. And

her husband had also poked his head out and said that was

my friend’s mother’s hometown where it all began before

the buses faded into the horizon. And so my second journey

began in earnest. I just had to see Christopher.

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