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Chain Reaction – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4



“Finally, the day of reckoning came. I couldn’t run anymore

when five Mantists cornered me. I gave up my fight and

surrendered. I knew they were not there to take me in, they

were there to take me out. I knelt down before them and

shut my eyes, waiting for the one bullet that would penetrate

my skull and end it all. The bullet came but it was not for

me. I opened my eyes and beheld something strange. One

of the five Mantists was shooting at the other four. The

killer’s face was shrouded. After killing them all, he removed

his shroud and there, right there, was Christopher.

“This wasn’t something I was expecting would happen. I

couldn’t wrap my befuddled brain around the realisation that

Christopher was a Mantist. Then it suddenly dawned on me

that Christopher was just like me. He was a KK spying on

TMG. With this revelation, it was easy for me to understand

why he had saved me. He knew what might happen to him

too if his cover was blown; he might suffer the same fate as

me if TMG, too, suspected a spy among them. He might

also be hunted by both gangs.


“Before long, Christopher and I became good friends; it was

the two of us against the whole TMG and KK. We fought, ran

and bled together. We became the most wanted among the

community of killers. Christopher was a great shooter;

‘Never let any bullet to go to waste,’ he would always say.

He also believed in equality and fairness. He would rather

die than cheat a friend. We shared everything equally. It was

Christopher who taught me the art of disguise. On so many

occasions, Christopher had turned himself into a total

stranger. There was a day I nearly shot him, I thought he

was an enemy. He was able to kill a lot of TMG and KK

members with this gift of his. And soon, I was getting good

with disguises like him. However, no matter what disguise I

pulled, Christopher was always recognising me. Christopher

was just too much; he was always many moves ahead of

me. He’s also a great chess player, except for his lack of

sense of humour. Christopher had no sense of humour



Even though he always saw beyond my

disguises, I was always walking freely among enemies

without the fear of discovery. Christopher and I were

formidable. We shared secrets of the two gangs. I told him

everything about my past and he did the same about

himself. We became like mirror-images. Our friendship

grew deeper and stronger. Then one afternoon, tragedy

reared its ugly head.

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