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Chain Reaction – Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3



“That’s not enough!” Emeka said emphatically.

“What else do you want, young man?” Lucas said


“If you don’t tell me what happened, I will not take your

money and I will never forgive you.”


Lucas hit the steering wheel in frustration. He looked at

Emeka angrily in the dark, wondering whether to blow the

idiot’s brain out and get it over with; but he was already

liking the rugged guy. “Okay, fine. I’ll tell you everything.”

“Yes!” Emeka wriggled happily, much to the chagrin of the

piqued driver. “I’m all ears, no pun intended, please.”

Lucas sighed and began: “Christopher was my saviour. He

was my messiah. If not for him, I would already be dead,

because I was the mark of a dangerous gang named The


“The Mantis?”

“Yes, do you know it?”

“Who doesn’t know The Mantis Gang? They slaughter

people in dozens and pray over their corpses.”

“Well, I was marked to be killed by The Mantis Gang.”

“Why? What did you do wrong?”

“What I did was terrible. I truly deserved to be killed, but not

by The Mantis. As a matter of fact, TMG ought to honour me

with medals, not bullets; but I was marked to be eliminated.

You see, I was a Mantis myself; my job was to penetrate a

rival gang called KK, this stands for Kabba-Kabba, whatever

that means. For two years, I was feeding the secrets of KK

to TMG. Spying is a risky but an exciting avocation. The

secrets I was feeding TMG caused the gang to have an

upper hand over KK. The Mantis were killing the Kabba-

Kabba in multitude, and Christopher was a Kabba. He was

the one who suspected the presence of a spy among them.

Christopher was a powerful member of the gang;almost

everyone feared him, because he could hide his identity and

blend among enemies. I had to run to TMG to seek refuge,

for I knew that I would be killed if I was discovered to be the

spy among them. When I returned to TMG and narrated my

ordeal, the leader of the gang, Mandela, ordered my



“What! Why?”

“According to him, it would be to the detriment of the gang if

I was eventually captured by the rival gang and tortured into

revealing the secrets of Mantis. He couldn’t allow that; and

so the only way to ensure the safety of the gang was to

have me taken out. Another Mantist could easily be sent to

penetrate KK. So there, I had to run from my home gang

too. But Mandela kept sending killers after me. There were

so many times I’ve tried to kill Mandela himself, but I’m no

match for him. He has killed people tougher than I am

without breaking a sweat. He’s just too fast. No one

touches him. Touch him and you die. I ran from his killers

and killed some of them. Mantists came after me, KK came

after me. I was getting tired of it all. I knew it was only a

matter of time before either of the two gangs catch up with

me and hack me to pieces. I resigned my fate; a soldier

does not die twice. What will be should be. I couldn’t run



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