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Chain Reaction – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2




He was relieved to find Emeka still alive. Indeed, the foolish

one had not been killed.

“You just killed the man!” Emeka carried a horrified

expression, “You killed – you killed your father!”

“That man was not my father,” said Lucas.


“How come you are still alive?” Lucas could not help


Emeka grinned stupidly, “I didn’t see anyone.”

“That’s strange, because I can swear I heard the sound of


“That was me shooting randomly to scare away potential

shooters who might be after my life. And I think it worked;

but I think I’ve used all the bullets in my gun, for nothing

comes out again each time I pull the trigger.”

“You talk too much. Shut up and let’s go.”

They both returned to the car and drove away from the

abandoned industrial location, Lucas sat behind the wheel

while Emeka sat beside him. The bags of money were

deposited on the backseat.

“You used me!” Emeka suddenly bellowed, “You used me to

carry out your evil machination. I feel raped!”

“I did it for a friend,” was the reply Lucas gave him.

Emeka looked confused. “A friend? Which friend?”


Emeka’s jaw almost dropped. “You’re not Christopher?”

“I’m not.”

“Who is Christopher, really?”

“Christopher was my friend.”


“He’s dead.”

“What killed him? No, scratch that. Tell me everything from

the beginning.”

The clock on the dashboard read 08:03PM.


Lucas turned to the passenger and asked, “What makes you

think I would tell you?”

“Because you know I deserve to know. You pulled me into

this mess. The least you can do is tell me everything.”

“The bags of money behind us belong to you. They are

compensation for everything I made you go through.”

“Wow! That sum of money is mine?”

“Yes, everything.”

Emeka grinned, “This is good business. When are you going

to kidnap me again?”

“I’ll drop you back at Shoprite. You’ll take the money and



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