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Chain Reaction – Season 2 Episode 1 – 7

Chain reaction

Chain reaction

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Story Title: Chain Reaction   

Episodes: 7

Category: Action

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Episode 1


“How – how did you do it?”

“Do what?”

Emeka didn’t know where to start from; instead, he said,

“How did you do everything? I could never believe you were

that Christopher they were hunting.”

“You know nothing about what you are talking about.”

“You did all these to save your captured father; this I know

at least.”

“Like I said, you are saying rubbish. Keep your mouth shut

and stay behind me.”

They crept stealthily towards the entrance of the

warehouse. The door of the warehouse was slightly ajar.

Emeka caught someone armed appear from the corner of

his left eye, he turned sharply, pointed the gun in his hand

towards the approaching figure and pulled the trigger. The

bullet caught the enemy in the nose, blowing his face open.

The sound of the gunshot was muffled.


Lucas was startled. “Where did you get the gun?”

Emeka smiled proudly and said, “I took it from one of the

men you killed. I thought I should keep myself busy too and

help out my friend.”

“Let’s get something straight. I am not your friend, okay?

And if you get killed tonight, it’s totally your fault. I’m not

responsible for you. I have given you the freedom to leave

peacefully. This situation is none of your business.”

“I won’t get killed,” Emeka replied, smiling widely. His

confidence annoyed his partner but there was nothing he

could do about it. This was the idiot’s choice.

Emeka offered to stay out and keep watch as soon as they

reached the entrance of the warehouse. Lucas stared at him

and shrugged as he went in – his funeral.

He boldly walked into the warehouse. He saw an elderly

right at the other end of the structure. The man wasn’t being

held a hostage as the abductors had said; he thought as

much. And with this discovery, he knew that nothing would

be done to him now. At least not until the old man

discovered who he was. He knew how important his

presence was – or how important they thought his presence

was. There were two armed men flanking the old man; they

evidently worked for the man. He knew who the old man

was, but he doubted if the man knew who he was. He

walked further and saw two other operatives with guns

drawn. There were a total of four bodyguards in the

warehouse. He wondered how many more were outside

trying to blow the amateurish Emeka’s brain out. In fact,

Emeka might be dead by now, for he was hearing series of

gunshots it would be such a waste if he lost his life right at

this final destination. Anyway, he shrugged, Emeka might

just be a collateral damage.

“We finally meet, Christopher,” the elderly man greeted,

smiling warmly.

He didn’t give the old man a glance as he shot the two

guards on either side. He walked bravely towards the

remaining two men. He knew they would not shoot him. He

was very important; his death wasn’t in their hands. They

aimed their guns but unable to pull the trigger. He shot them

both in the faces.

“Christopher, what– ” his words hanged in his throat at

what he saw.


He walked to the old man and aimed the gun at his


“This is for Christopher,” he said as he pulled the trigger.

As he stepped over the corpse of the man and picked the

four bags of money at a corner, he recalled how the man

had looked before he pulled the trigger.

It was a look of horrendous revelation as the man gazed

past him to the entrance – that he was not his son.

He was not Christopher.


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