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Chain Reaction – Season 1 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5




It was hours before Emeka awoke. Dusk was already

making its identity known. The young man was the first to

wake up. The unconscious elderly man beside him was

bleeding at the temple; the side of his left eye was split

open. The front of the car was a total write-off; it was

grotesquely shattered, pinning the driver and what remained

of his head to the seat. He was dead, no doubt, for a long

steel had penetrated his stomach and spilled out some of

his guts to the side of the driver’s seat, towards the

passenger’s. The scenery was bloody and disgusting.

Emeka tried the door on his side, it was unlocked. He

smiled. The other kidnapper were sprawled on their seats as

if they were dead but Emeka knew they weren’t. He stepped

out of the car and began to run. He stopped when he

realised that no one was chasing him. He thought about the

elderly man. He had to do something. Besides, if not for

anything else, he had to go back and retrieve his phone that

was taken from him. The men might later use that phone

against him if he didn’t take it.


After taking the phone, he returned to the back seat and

loosened the rope used to tie the man’s hands behind him.

Then he gently tapped the man in the arm. The elderly

captive came awake groggily. It took him a moment before

he was conscious of his surroundings.

“What happened?”

“We were in an accident,” Emeka replied.

“It’s getting dark,” observed the man.

“Yes,” Emeka replied as he helped the elderly one out of the

car. “We have to leave quickly before the men wake up.”

“Thank you, my child.”

“Can you run?”

“I can’t dance, but I think I can run.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Wait, I have to take my phone from these workers of


“Please be fast about it, we have no time to waste!”

The elderly man gently walked to the unconscious men and

picked something from the floor of the middle seat where

the men laid. By the time he returned, he was aiming a

pistol at Emeka.

“What are you doing?” Emeka asked, looking astonished and


“Go down on your knees,” the elderly man ordered. Emeka

could see that the man meant business. His order must be

obeyed or there would be consequences.

“Please don’t do this–”


A shot rang out and a bullet lifted dusts right beside

Emeka’s feet.

“The next shot will go into your skull if you disobey me

again. Turn around and go down on your knees.”

By this time, the gunshot had awoken the unconscious

abductors. They rushed out and beheld the drama going on.

They were too dazed to interfere, all they could do was

watch in open-mouthed beffudlement.

Emeka turned around and did as he was told. His phone was

taken from him; and then, again, his hands were tied behind

him with a rope.

Emeka turned around and faced the three men. Then to

everyone’s surprise, the elderly man removed the false

moustache and the wig on his head. He was not elderly

after all; he was a young man like the rest of them. He

boldly walked towards the confused abductors and shook

their hands.

“My name is Lucas. I am undercover operative for the

corporation that employed you to take Christopher in.”

“An undercover operative?”

“Yes, I am the agent Rough-88 told you was watching

Christopher. Knowing how clever Christopher can be, R-88

ordered me to stand in as the odd variable. I had to disguise

as a helpless old man to avoid him from suspecting me; and

I had to be taken alongside him too so that I could be there

to foil his plan if he succeeded in outwitting you guys. I

don’t want to believe the accident was a coincidence; even

if it was, you guys have greatly underestimated the

cunningness of Christopher. You should both consider

yourselves lucky that I am here or he would have escaped.

Do you have any idea what would be done to you if it was

discovered that the hostage escaped from your custody?”

Both men were short of words, they did not know whether to

apologise to the man or thank him. But the man wasn’t

waiting for their apologies or appreciation,; he walked to

Emeka and pushed him forward. He turned to the other men

and said:


“Lead the way,” his words were authoritative.


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