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Chain Reaction – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4



The men glanced at each other and smiled knowingly.

“All right, Emeka, what were you doing in Shoprite?”

“The same thing others were doing – having a nice time.”

“Weren’t you supposed to be shopping in Shoprite? We can’t

seem to find your shopping bag. The same thing goes for

you, grandpa.”

“Like I said, I went there to have a nice time. I don’t go there

to shop.”

“What ‘nice time’ exactly did you have?”

“I wined and dined.”

“What do you do for a living, Emeka?”

“I am a musician.”

“What kind of music?”

“Hip-hop. I’m actually a rapper.”

“Do you have a stage name?”


“What’s it?”


“You’re trying to be funny, aren’t you?”

“I’m rapper, not a comedian. You asked me a question and I


“None. I’ve released just two singles.”


The abductor turned to his mates and asked, “Has either

one of you heard any song sung by an artiste called


“Nope,” they answered, smiling, pretending to play along.

They evidently didn’t believe any word the young man was


“Why is it that none of us in this car has heard your song


“That’s because I’m an upcoming rapper. Someday, I will be

as famous as rapper M.I.”

The interrogator shook his head, “You are so full of lies,


“I’m telling you, my name is not Christopher. My name is


“Where are your parents, Emeka?”


The young man stared at the abductor whose gun was

posed directly at his chest. The abductor’s eyes were cold,

as if he was ready to pull the trigger at any slight

misjudgement by the young hostage.

“Where are your parents?” the question came again.

“My parents are dead,” Emeka replied grimly.

The man stared at him for a moment before he grinned

widely. “You are not a great liar after all.”

“What do you mean?”

“We are taking you to your father.”

The driver turned to face them and said, “We are about ten

minutes away from our destination.”

Then a truck suddenly appeared before them.

“Look out!” The passengers screamed as the approaching

truck gave a loud horn.

In a split-second, the driver turned the steering wheel

sharply, swerving the car off the tarred road to the sideway.

The car lost control and smashed hard into a giant pole.

The last thing Emeka saw before he lost consciousness was

the blood that covered the shattered windscreen.

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