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Chain Reaction – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3



The men waited for another ten minutes before they spotted

the targets as they came out of the big gate. Two of the

waiting men came out of the Hilux, drew out their pistols

and walked casually towards the approaching men. No one

paid them any attention because they had expertly

concealed the guns within them, for they well aware of the

chaos the knowledge of their pistols might cause, and that

might lead to the escape of the target once again. This was

a mission they could not afford to get foiled due to their own

crass stupidity, or carelessness. The capture of Christopher

was more important than their own lives. Now that the

location of this very elusive man had been offered them on

a platter of gold, all they had to do was take him to the

location alive and they would become very rich. A huge sum

of money was waiting for them at the delivery site.



The armed men casually walked past their targets on either

sides and still casually turned, following them behind.

The elderly man and his partner froze as the men jammed

their guns against their backs.

“See that black car there?” the man behind the major target

said, speaking loud enough for the hearing of elderly man

with a white moustache and a mountain of greying hair.

“Nod your heads if you see the car I’m talking about.”

The hostages nodded.

“Good,” said the one behind the elderly man, “You’ll both

walk towards the car. If any one of you tries to walk away,

you shall be shot in the spine. Just walk obediently to the

car and you will be okay.”


They were easily escorted into the waiting car. The door

was closed and the man behind the wheel started the

engine; a dumb thing for a professional kidnapper to do. He

should have kept the engine running. The hostages were

relieved of their mobile phones and tied up with ropes as

soon as they were taken inside.

“Hello Christopher,” the driver greeted, staring at the

hostage through the rear-view mirror. He was looking at the

hostage as if he had seen a live idol.

“What do you want from me? The tinted-hair asked


“Who are you people? Why did you take me? Where are you

taking me? What did I do wrong?” The man asked.

“Shut up, old man!” one of the men thundered, aiming his

gun forward.

“Why don’t we call Rough-88 and inform him that we have



The elderly man put his hands in his pockets, watching the


“Didn’t you hear him when he said we should call him only

when we get to the destination?” The other abductor replied.

“We can just let him know we are on the way.”

“Knock yourself out,” replied the partner as he threw the

phone to him.

The man collected the phone and dialled Rough-88’s

number. It was picked almost immediately

“We have them,” he said, “We’re on our way,” The call was


“Who are you people?” The elderly man asked, detaching his

hands from his pocket, “Where are you taking us?”

“Say one more word, old man, and I will beat the living

daylight out of you.”

“Who is Christopher?” The younger hostage suddenly asked.

The abductors stared at him for a moment and suddenly

burst into laughter.

“Good one,” said the driver, “We’ve already been told that

you would play smart, Christopher. It’s normal for you to

pull the denial trick.”

“Wait,” said the hostage, “you must have had me confused

with someone else. I don’t know any Christopher.”

“Yeah right,” another abductor said in a bored disposition,

“Who is the old man, Christopher?”

“I don’t know him,” said the elderly man, “We only met at

the mall. See, I don’t want to be a part of whatever you guys

have against each other. Just let me go, I beg of you. I am

an old man with grandchildren.”

“How did you two meet?”

“He’s a good Samaritan,” said the old man, “I can’t believe

you boys are accusing him of being someone else. Anyway,

that is none of my business. All I know is that this young

man held me when I lost my footing at the staircase. I

would probably have fallen and broken my neck if he hadn’t

come to my rescue.”

“I don’t believe you. The way you were both discussing

shows that you have known each other for long.”

“The man wasn’t lying,” the younger hostage replied, “I only

met him today.”


“What were both of you discussing before we grabbed you?”

“He was thanking me for rescuing him at the staircase.”

“No one told us Christopher could be kind-hearted,” one of

the men joked and the others laughed.

“I already told you my name is not Christopher. You must

have had me confused with another person.”

“Okay, let us assume – for a moment – that you are not the

Christopher we were searching for, what’s your name?”

“My name is Emeka.”


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