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Chain Reaction – Season 1 Episode 2

episode 2



“Be careful, Christopher is armed and dangerous,” came the

warning from the mobile phone, “He can kill you all without

blinking an eye. Approach him with utmost caution. Take

any careless action and you will become corpses in an

instant.” The phone was put on speakers as the three men

listened to the instructions.


“How do we identify him? We don’t even know what he

looks like. Why don’t you send a picture of him to this phone

so that we can know exactly who we are after.”

“No one really knows what he looks like, not even me or The

Boss. All you have to rely on for now is the information you

have been given about him. I’ll call you later.”

About an hour later, the call came in again.

“Where are you guys?” The voice sounded more urgent.

“We are still at the entrance of Tafawa Balewa Square, we

are searching for the bearded man in the red cap. We’ve not

seen anyone who fits the description so far.”

“Forget about TBS, he’s no more there; and stop searching

for just a bearded man. A new intel just got to me; Chris is

not only bearded. He is now spotted in Shoprite at Ikeja. Go

there now! Call back when you get there, one of our

operatives will be watching him until you arrive.”

The three men rushed back into the Hilux with a tinted glass

and drove away.

Five minutes later, a bearded man in a red cap came out of



They arrived at Shoprite about another hour later; luckily for

them, the Lagos traffic was at the barest minimum at this

time. The men placed a call and informed their instructor

that they were at the location.

“Good,” said the voice from the other end, “You arrived right

on time. In about ten minutes, Christopher and an elderly

man will come out. Christopher is the bearded one dressed

in a blue pair of jeans, a customised T-shirt bearing a

picture of Mr Incredible. His hair is tainted brown and he’s

wearing dark glasses.”


“What about the old man? How is he dressed?”

“He’s dressed casually in a simple shirt and a pair of

trousers. Don’t concern yourselves with the elderly man;

your job is more concerned with Christopher. You have to

know that Christopher is reputed to be a great deceiver.

He’s a master of disguise. Grab him immediately and make

sure you disarm him if he has a weapon; and like I already

said, be very careful around him. Don’t you believe anything

that comes out of his mouth. Remember, his birth name is

also Emeka, don’t be deceived. Bring him to the address

given to you as soon as you have him.”

“What should we do about the elderly man?”

“The odd variable,” observed the instructor from the other

end, “I should tell you to leave and not bother yourselves

about him because our major goal is to apprehend

Christopher, but we don’t know who he is to Christopher or

what he knows. Take him but don’t hurt him. Bring both of

them in; we’ll question the elderly man to know what he

knows. Good luck to you. Call me only when you get to the

destination.” The call was cancelled.

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