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Chain Reaction – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 5]

Chain reaction

Chain reaction

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Story Title: Chain Reaction   

Episodes: 5

Category: Action

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episode 1


Thirty-one years ago, Emeka’s mother had had a child out

of wedlock. The shame and the struggle for survival had

caused her to leave her home and reside in a village

particularly far away from her relations. She stopped in this

strange village to live a quiet life and bring up her child; but

she met a man who fell in love with her and married her

according to the custom of the village.


Immediately after the union, the couple decided to leave this

village too for the city; Emeka did not deserve to grow up in

a community of people who might later educate him on a

history he wasn’t supposed to learn; for Emeka’s mother

and her husband had agreed to hide the fact that the child

was a bastard.


In the city, however, Emeka’s parents decided to change his

name to Christopher for security reasons. The little innocent

Emeka became Christopher Oka. Fifteen years passed and

the family increased from three to five members – three

males and two females. It was a happy family; Mr Oka

treated Emeka like a son, even Vincent and Margaret

considered him a fully legitimate big brother. Everything

went on fine with the family until Christopher, now

seventeen years old, stumbled upon the truth behind his

existence. He confronted no one else about this discovery,

and he refused to let his feelings show. He disappeared

from the house early the next morning. No one knew his

whereabouts, not even his mother; and every search for

Christopher proved abortive.

But unknown to the Okas, their Christopher had joined one

of the dreaded gangs far away in Lagos.

Within the same month of Christopher’s disappearance,

killers had broken into his parents’ house and brutally killed

everyone. Mr and Mrs Oka, Vincent Oka and Margaret Oka –

they were all slaughtered in cold blood.

Christopher’s return thirteen years later set off a more brutal

chain reaction.

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