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Celebrity Nookie (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 2

I was expecting to be taken to a den or something but I was shown into a very large and ornate bedroom, and there, sitting at the dressing table, now wearing a silk gown with a long train, was Felisha.

“We’re going to work in here,” she smiled, “It’s cozy and relaxing – it will get both our juices flowing.”

I took out my lap top, and a small recorder and sat down in a velvet upholstered chair and got ready to get to work.

“I think I should start with something sexy to grab the reader’s attention,” she said, reclining on the bed like Cleopatra, “I had a very active s*x life when I was young,” she continued, rubbing herself between the legs as she spoke. “I’ve f*cked, directors, producers, leading men and on one occasion the man who handled the boom mike. I was attractive and the men swarmed around me like moths to a light bulb,” she paused, “Do you think that would be a good first line – the bit about the moths,” she asked.

“I told her just to keep talking and I would type something up the next day and submit it for her approval.”

She seemed to like that idea and then went on to describe the lurid details of her career in technicolor. I was beginning to doubt if any publisher would take it. And, another problem was she was getting hornier and hornier as she relived her sexual exploits. It actually got to the point where she was rubbing her twat and her breasts and even groaning occasionally.

I manage to survive that first evening and from the copious notes, I’d made I managed to almost hack out a chapter. Quite pleased with myself I re-entered the house the next evening and when I was shown into the bedroom I was somewhat surprised to find Felisha in the middle of the carpet practicing nude yoga.

For a woman in her forties, she looked remarkably good and the way she was moving it around was getting me a little excited.

“Do you know something darling,” she began, stretching her legs out wide, “Being in the nude frees up the mind, you should try it – yes you definitely should try it – why don’t you join me and take off your clothes right now.

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