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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 7

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Audition

“Yeah I’m fine , like why wouldn’t I be alright, I’m totally fine.” Caro blabs on.

“Okay, well let’s have breakfast.” Mrs Diana says and Caro gingerly walks up to the dinning table and takes her sit.

“Cassy why are you sitting on your brother seat.” Mrs Diana asked, looking at her confused.

“Oops, sorry.” Caro says timidly standing up and right then Justin walks in.

“OMG.” Caro exclaims staring at Justin, and everybody once again looks at her.

“Cassy are you alright, you’re acting really weird.” Mrs Diana says.

“Uhm, I’m alright, I’m fine, really I’m okay.” Caro says letting out a nervous laugh and then sits down again, her eyes not leaving handsome Justin.

“Stop staring, it’s weird.” Justin says causally, rolling his eyes as he takes his seat on the dinning table.

“You’re on my seat, sis.” Marcel Cassy’s little brother says tapping his feet on the floor.

“Oh, sorry.” Caro apologize again and takes another seat, luckily for her this time it’s indeed her’s.

“Okay so what are we having for breakfast.” Caro asks excitedly, Mrs Diana only gave her weird look and asked the maids to serve them.

Chai, na who go chop these thing na, two slice bread. Caro thinks frowning at the food placed in front of her.

“Is anything the problem Cassy.” Mrs Diana asks dropping her cup of coffee.

“Yes, I think the bread is too small and what sort tea is these, it really taste weird.” Caro answers.

“But that’s the amount of bread you eat everyday and that’s your special tea, you’re watching your weight remember.”

“Why do I need to watch my weight when I’m as thin as this, at this rate i could be blown away by breeze.” Caro says frowning.

“Cassy we have talked about this before, you need to have the perfect figure for the camera, and remember you’re auditioning for a part in a movie today, I need you to get that part Cassy.” Mrs Diana says in a serious tone.

“Wait I’m auditioning for a movie, oh my God this is a dream come true, why didn’t anyone tell me that, do you know what where’s the audition taking place, I cannot be late.” Caro says standing up immediately from the dinning table.

“I thought you hate acting.” Marcella states.

“Why in God’s name would I hate acting, to be an actress is my dream, Mrs Diana you need to tell me where this audition is taking place, oh my I need to be on my way now.” Caro exclaims giddy, standing right in front of a bewildered Mrs Diana.

“Well your driver is supposed to take you….”

“OMG I have a driver, where is he, where can I find him.” Caro asks agitated.

“Cassy you have to calm down, what’s gotten into you lately.” Mrs Diana asks.

“Just tell me where I can find my driver, do you know what don’t tell me, Lucy take me to my driver.” Caro says dragging a stunned Lucy out of the dinning room.

“What’s gotten into her, she didn’t even touch her food.” Mrs Diana says still shocked by her daughter display.

“Did anyone noticed her voice sounds really different?.” Marcel asks.

“I did.” Marcella replies.

Mr David and Justin didn’t know what to say on the weird display of character by Cassy, none could bring up a better explanation on why she is behaving weirdly or her sudden interest in acting.

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“Cassy you’re early.” Mrs Samantha, Cassy’s agent comments walking into the hall.

“Yeah I know, I’m pretty excited to audition for the part, I have my fingers crossed.” Caro says giddy with excitement and nervousness.

“You’re excited.” Mrs Samantha asked shocked, this wasn’t the first audition Cassy had take part in, and in all the auditions Cassy has never been excited, she doesn’t even smile.

“Yeah I’m excited, I’ve been rehearsing my lines, ever since I got here and I cannot wait to show everyone what I’m capable of.”

“Okay, well that’s great news, as your agent I say it’s great youre excited for the audition, keep up the good vibes and that part will be yours. one more thing, what’s wrong with your voice, it sounds totally different.”

“Actually I have sore throat, and it’s really bad, I guess it kind of changed my voice.” Caro says and fakes coughing.

“Okay then, I’ll go get you a cup of coffee, it will give you a clear head.” Mrs Samantha says and leaves her.

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“So little miss Cassy now has interest in acting all of a sudden, well I’ll advice you not to bother rehearsing those lines cause nobody will ever pick a failure like you over me.” A voice says behind Caro, and Caro turns only to come face to face with popular actress Brittney, Caro was about to go into fan mode when what Britney said replayed in her head.

You can’t fan mode an enemy, Caro. Her subconsciousness chides.

“Why don’t you save your trash talk till after the audition, only then we can tell who the real failure is.” Caro says, clicking her tongue at her, she smirks at Brittney before walking past her.


“Cassy David, please step into the room, now. Cassy David.” A voice calls out from the speaker above where Caro and a bunch of other people auditioning for the part, sits waiting for their turn.

“Okay Cassy you got this, I want you to go in there and show everyone in there why this part is yours, okay.” Mrs Samantha says placing both hands on her shoulders.

“Okay, I’ll go in there and show them what I’m made of.” Caro replies energetic.

“That’s the spirit, now go.” Mrs Samantha says and leads her to the front of the door leading to the auditioning room.

Caro takes in a deep breath before walking in to the auditioning room.

“Okay Cassy stand right over there.” Mr Roberts film producer says pointing to a particular area in the room as Caro walks in, Caro did as instructed, her hands shaking nervously.

“Well the floor is yours, I need you to wow me and everybody else in this room.” Mr Roberts says staring at her intently.

Caro takes a deep breath and then goes into character, her smile mopping into a huge frown.

“I have absolute no idea of what you’re talking about detective, like I said before I was in Mrs Marie room on that faithful night attending to her, if you did your research well you would know she was down with a fever.” Caro says playing the role of the maid, she’s auditioning for, her face plain and unreadable as she stares at

the invisible detective intently before sighing a little and then continue her little speech.

“Detective Jones I would really love to help you with your investigation but I can’t be of any help if am absolutely clueless on what happened that faithful night.” She paused and gives the imaginary detective a stale look and then behaves like the detective was replying to whatever she said previously, she taps her legs on the floor impatiently, her face remained neutral.

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“You know what detective, I don’t think there’s anything left to discuss, so I beg to take my leave now, this conversation is over. I wish you luck in your investigation and I do hope you catch the culprit. Please excuse me.” She says curtly, forcing a smile.

Caro stares at the producer nervously, folding her hands together, her stomach rolls in anticipation of what they might think of her performance.

“Cassy right?” Mr Roberts says in a questioning stare.

“Yes sir.”

“Well after your little performance you didn’t just wowed me but you almost got me off my seat and I’m not easily thrown off my seat. Cassy your performance is so great that I’ve decided to give you the lead role in the movie.” Mr Roberts announced and Caro stares at him mouth wide opened.

“No way, thank you sir, thank you so much, sir.” Caro says appreciatively.

“You’re welcome, be here tomorrow to get some papers signed, filming starts in next two week, you can leave now.” Mr Roberts says.

Caro was practically walking on air when she stepped out of the auditioning room.

“So.. how did it go.” Mrs Samantha asks.

“You won’t believe it but they gave me the lead role.” Caro yells out in excitement.

“Oh my God that’s good news, your mum would be more than happy.” Mrs Samantha says.

“That’s a lie there’s no way they will give me the supporting role and then give you the lead role.” Britney says walking over to them.

“Well what did I said before the audition, I told you we will know the winners and the losers after the audition and it turns out you fall in the category of losers.” Caro says smirking victoriously at her.

“Shut your mouth there’s no way you could have gotten the lead role, did you sleep with Mr Roberts to get the part.”

“Maybe I did, or maybe I’m so damn good Mr Roberts had no other choice but to give me the lead role, you see Britney I know your type, you think you’re the best, that no one can ever exceed you but guess what Cassy David is here and I’m not here to play games, so watch as I become the best. Mrs Samantha please let’s go.” Caro smiles at an annoyed and shocked Britney and leaves along with Mrs Samantha.

“Girl what did you had for breakfast, you are literally on fire, the Cassy I know would let Britney walk all over her.” Mrs Samantha says laughing out.

“Well guess what, that Cassy you know is gone, this is a new Cassy.” Caro replies her smirking and Mrs Samantha grins, but what Mrs Samantha didn’t know was Caro was saying the truth when she said the old Cassy was indeed gone.

“Well new Cassy welcome to Hollywood.”

Caro smirks in reply to Mrs Samantha words, she was going for Nollywood but of course Hollywood is the perfect fit.

Cassy and Caro

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