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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 6

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Gowns

“In the mighty name of Jesus, I rebuke every spirit of madness out of you, I rebuke in the mighty name of the most high God, I said get out from her you evil spirit, leave her body right this minute, in Jesus name.” Pastor Mike shouts and everybody in the gathering replies with an amen, Cassy stood in the midst of it all, she wanted to tell them she wasn’t mad and she’s not the girl they think she is, but she couldn’t find the words to say it, who would want to listen to such nonsense. She sighs as she takes a look at her now dark skin body. She’s been hoping this is

one big dream, one big nightmare but does nightmares takes this long to end or those it feel so real.

“Mama Caro don’t worry your child is fine now, just take her inside and let her rest, erm make sure you give her some food. Everything is alright.” Pastor Mike says placing a comforting hand on Mama’s Caro shoulder.

“Okay thank you pastor, I really appreciate, Caro come let’s go inside, Caro, Caro.” Mama Caro calls and taps her daughter on the shoulder.

Cassy got jolted out of her deep thinking by the touch on her shoulder, she raised her head and stares at the woman she’s supposed to call mother, a woman she has never met in her life before, she stands up from the floor and follows her supposed mother inside calmly.

Cassy enters the one room apartment and looks at everywhere in disgust, she wonders how she’s supposed to stay in here or even sleep in here, she’s sure the stupid bed is infested with lice and to think she actually slept on it last night.

Last night, she thinks. Last night she had a made a wish before going to bed, she had wish her life was different, is it possible her wish got granted, can it be that she has a totally different life now, but wishes doesn’t come true right. No, no this is absurd, I shouldn’t even be thinking stuff like this. She thinks.

Seriously you’re in a totally different girls body right now, in God’s nowhere and you’re thinking it’s absurd your wish came true??, Her subconsciousness says in a bored tone.

Well maybe I could be dreaming, she replies back.

Yeah keep on telling yourself that. Her subconsciousness retorts.

Just shut up and let me think, aghhhh. Cassy yells at her innerself and shuts her up.

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Caro stares at her reflection in shock and wonders how it’s possible that the lady in the mirror is her, but how in God’s name can this be possible, how could she go to bed and then wake up in an unfamiliar bed, wait a minute she had made a wish before going to bed last night, she had wish to have rich parents, could it be that her wish came true, but isn’t that absurd.

Well it does happen in movies, so who knows your wish might have been granted.

Her subconsciousness reasons.

Oh God my brain is to small to process this. Caro thinks placing a hand on her forehead.

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“Ma’am are you alright.” Lucy asked concerned, and Caro let’s out a surprise gasp she has forgotten she had company in the bathroom with her.

“Yeah, yes, I’m fine, I’m alright, just pretend you didn’t see that happen okay.” Caro says forcing a smile, till she figure out what’s going on she has to be very careful.

“Yes ma.” Lucy says.

“Erm you can leave now.” Caro says and Lucy stares at her one more time before leaving.

Caro stands in the middle of the bathroom and admires it for a while before going on and take her bath, while bathing she had wash her fair skin body with utmost care, afraid she might leave a mark on it, it’s after all an onyibo body.

She steps out of the bathroom in a white bathrobe she finds in the bathroom, Lucy was right outside the bathroom waiting for her when she walks out of the bathroom, so she was quickly led to the walk-in closet by Lucy.

Omo no be small thing oo, see wardrobe, I fit loss inside here oo, ehn see clothes, see designers wears and bags, God this place na small heaven. Caro thinks as Lucy led her into the walk-in closet. Caro tries to appear apprehensive, not wanting Lucy to stare at like she’s some alien from another planet.

“So ma’am what look would you be going with today.”Lucy asked.

Which one is look, back at home all she has to do is bring out her Ghana most go bag and take whatever she feels like wearing, she sighs a little before answering. “I’ll stick with gown.”

“Okay what brand would you wear today.” Lucy asks.

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Brand again just to choose one simple gown Caro thinks for a while and then decides to go for one of the brands she knows, “Armani.”

“Okay, what type do you want to wear.” Lucy asked again and Caro almost used her hand to hit her.

“I’ll go with a free gown.” Caro says smiling forcefully at Lucy.

“What type of free gown, a swing gown, an Aline dress, a skater dress, a tent dress, a maxi …”

“Lucy I just want a dress to wear okay, I don’t care what type it is, if it’s a skater dress or whatever other names you called, I just want a dress so I could go have breakfast cause as it is I’m already hungry.” Caro yells at her annoyed, who knew getting dress could be so much work.

“I’m sorry ma’am, would you like this.” Lucy apologize, showing her a white dress.

Caro only nods her head and takes it from her.


Caro heart beats very fast as she climbs down the stairs, she wondered what kind of family awaits her downstairs.

Caro puts on a small smile as she walks into the huge dinning room but stops right in her tracks as she sees the woman right in front of her, it’s no other person but Mrs Dianna Williams. Caro screams, running over to Mrs Williams, “Oh my God I can’t believe my eyes, it’s you, I’m your biggest fan, I love your movies, every

single one if them. In your number 1 fan, oh my God I have to get your autograph.” Caro blabs on hugging a very shocked Mrs Williams really hard.

“Oh my God this is a dream come true, I can’t believe I’m standing right in front of my own role model, I’ve watched all your movies, every single one of them, I love you so much.” Caro yells, and every other person in the dinning room stares at her like she has gone crazy.

“Cassy, I’ve got to ask, are you alright.” Mrs Diana asks bewildered by her daughter’s behavior.

“Who’s Cassy.” Caro asks confusing.

“Oh my, what sort of silly questions is that, you’re Cassy of course, Cassy is everything alright.” Caro looks around her and for the first time noticed the other people in the room, she smiles awkwardly at them and let out a small laugh. Oops.

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