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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 4

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: An Exchange

“Tick, Tick, Tick.” Caro stirs in her sleep as the annoying sound keeps on infiltrating her sweet dream, she groans annoyed by the consistent noise, she opens her eyes against her wish to look for the cause of such disturbance, it turns out the source of the disturbance is from a tiny alarm clock close to her bed. Caro frowns at it before hitting the off button. She sighs contentedly, finally she can get some more sleep on the comfy, plushy, soft mattress. She sigh dreamily and lays back down to go to dream world only to sit back up immediately. Wait a minute I don’t have an alarm clock, neither do I have a soft plushy bed. She thinks looking at the bed in confusion.

She looks around her and noticed she wasn’t in her room back in her house anymore, she looks around the huge room she finds herself in confusion, wondering how she got there, and how God’s name she ended up sleeping on the soft bed.

Caro scratch hair in confusion, getting down from the huge fluffy bed, she tries to think of a better explanation for the situation, did she get kidnapped?, and if she did get kidnapped, then why would they kidnap her, Like who would want to kidnap a poor girl. Or has she been kidnapped for ritual.

Oh my God please save me ooo, and to think I’m supposed to be attending my first ever audition today, ehh mogbe. She prays a silent prayer to God, looking around the room for an escape route.

She walks over to the window and then opens it, she looks outside the window and noticed the ground is really far away, if she jumps from such high level, she will end up breaking her leg. But isn’t the jump worth it, would she rather sit around and wait for who ever kidnapped her to come for her first. She takes in a deep breath and got ready to take the jump, her first leg was already out the window when a voiced stopped her.

“Ma’am what are you doing.” Caro stops what she was doing and turned towards the voice, her eyes comes in contact with a white woman in a maid uniform.

“Oya tell me who you are and who’s your boss and why the hell the hell I’m here.” Caro asked in a menacing voice getting down from the window, and walks over to the maid in hurried steps.

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Lucy stares at her boss confused by the question, but nevertheless still answered the question, “Ma it’s me your personal maid Lucy, and your father is my boss and you’re here because you’re his daughter.”

Personal maid, personal maid, what the hell is she talking about, I don’t have a personal maid. Caro thinks, staring at Lucy. Maybe she’s dreaming, because normally she always dreams of being a rich man kid and all that but this time, why does her dream feels so real, Maybe she’s still dreaming, but if indeed she’s still dreaming then how does a person wakes up his or herself from a dream. maybe if she goes back to bed she’ll wake up in the real world, yes that must be it.

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She ignores the maid stare and walks over to the bed and then lays down on it, she simply close her eyes tightly and waited, seconds passed, minutes passed and still yet nothing, she wasn’t waking up from the crazy dream she is in right now, she

sits back up frustrated and kicked her legs up high in the air angrily. What the hell is this, what’s happening??

“Ma’am, Ma’am, Ma’am” Lucy calls out fidgeting with her hand.


“Erm it’s already 7:24 and your mum would be mad if you are not at the dinning table.” Lucy informs, wait a minute, she has a a mother, in this absurd place, okay now she has to find out who her mother is. She stands up from the bed and walked towards the door, only to be stopped by Lucy.

“Ma’am you haven’t had your bath yet, you wouldn’t want to go down looking like that and anger your mum.” Lucy says.

“Okay, I guess I’ll take my bath first then, so show me where the bathroom is.” Caro says and Lucy looks at her confused, wonder why her madam wouldn’t know where her bathroom is.

“Ma’am how can you… I meant to say the bathroom is right this way.” Lucy says and leads Caro to the bathroom.

“Wow.” Caro gasps in awe at the beauty of the bathroom, never in her life did she ever think she would use a bathroom like this, she has only seen such bathroom in the movies, not in real life.

“This bathroom is huge, I fit die in here.” She comments and Lucy looks at her shocked, wondering what nonsense her madam is sproting out of her mouth. This is her bathroom, why is she behaving like she’s never been here before and why is she behaving like a pauper. Lucy thinks, staring at her madam in a strange way.

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Omo, this bathroom no be small thing oo, I fit even chop inside here oo, see as everything dey shine, everything dey talk money, ah if na really dream I dey dream then I know wan con wake up again oo, na who born monkey. Caro thinks walking around the big luxurious bathroom.

“Ma’am what are you doing.” Lucy asked surprise as Caro lays down on the bathroom floor, using her hands to feel the smooth and cold floor.

“Gosh this bathroom floor is so neat, I could just live in here for the rest of my life.” Caro yells happily, her legs sliding up and down on the cold floor.

“Ma’am, is everything alright with you, you’re not behaving your usual self today.” Lucy asked concerned by the strange behaviour her madam is exhibiting.

“Shhhh, I’m fine, don’t worry. Let me just lie down on this floor for a little longer.” Caro says dreamily, if this is all a dream then she might as well enjoy herself while it last.

“Should I leave the bathroom, or do you want me to heat up the water.”

“Hmm, I think you should heat it up.” Caro says, preparing to have the best bath of a life time. She stands up from the floor but as she stands up she noticed her reflection on the glass like bathroom floor, it wasn’t her, she stares at reflection confused but it didn’t change. She frowns and looked around the bathroom for a mirror, she hurries over to the mirror once she sees one, she looks into the mirror and let’s out a small gasp as she stares at her reflection in the mirror. This wasn’t her, she’s not fair, neither does she have blonde hair, or and oval face, she takes both her hands and traced her face, touching every inch of it but nothing she did change her reflection. She gasp out in horror as she realized the person in the mirror is indeed her.

“Blood of Jesus, where the hell am I? And who the hell am i?”

Cassy and Caro

Two Girls Two diffrent worlds A wish An Exchange

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