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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 3

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Cassy

“Cassy I heard you’re not doing very well in your acting class.” Mrs Diana asks her daughter simply as they were all having dinner on the dinning table, Cassy has

always wondered why they had always bother eating together if there only going to talk about boring stuff and meetings, if her parents are only going to pretend to love each other, if her whole family is only going to smile fakely to one another while discussing. No one wanted to be on this goddamn dinning table, especially her.

“I’ll try better mum.” Cassy replies simply, picking on her plate of cabbage. She hates cabbage.

“I don’t want you to try Cassy, I want you to be the best, I want you to show the world how good you are at acting. I’m still a legend when it comes to acting, sometimes I still get offered parts in movie and do you want to know why that’s possible.?” Diana asks her daughter looking at her from across the ridiculously long dinning table.

No I don’t want to. Cassy thinks, she already heard this sermon a thousand times, she sighs and asks, “Why mum?.”

“Good question, now I’m a legend in the movie industry because I was damn good at what I did, because I didn’t just frown all the time to the camera, I’ve always told you to always put a big smile on that face of yours, you’re still young and beautiful, if you don’t outshine every other competition now, then when do you want to.” Her mum chides.

“I’m sorry mum.” Cassy says eating from her bowl of caprese pasta salad, she takes a look at siblings food, the lap of chicken calling onto her, she’s not a fucking vegetarian but of course having a mother like Diana turned her into a vegetarian.

“Well you better be sorry, and the next time I get a call from miss Juliet it better be good news.” Diana says and goes back to eating her food.

You better be sorry. Those exact words kept on ringing in Cassy ears, why is she even sorry?, Why is she always apologizing? She never asked to be put in acting class, her dreams is to be a lawyer, win court cases and help life, not to be showcase in a box. Why does she have to follow in her mother footsteps, why can’t her parents just let her be what she wants to be (sigh).

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“Justin, your father told me you let that good for nothing Carl take the contact from you.” Mrs Diana asks , staring at her son.

And here she goes again. Cassy thinks bitterly stabbing the good looking tomatoes in her food. She looks at her brother in pity, just like her, her brother is being forced into the family business, Justin has passion for art but of course her ever knowing what’s best parents thinks it’s a waste of time. Sadly her and her brother does not have a good relationship, they just say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and that’s where it ends. No sisterly and brotherly fight, no siblings stick to each other, they just mind each other business and stay out of the others persons way. The only two people close in the family is Marianna and Marcel, the last born’s of the family, they only cared about themselves and no one else, sadly enough they has much more of an interesting life than her Cassy.

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“Mom I tried but I…”

“Shut your mouth young man, you did not try enough, you did not only disgrace me in front of my business associate with your poor excuse of a presentation but you also lost me a contract worth millions, and you have to lose such amount of money to no other person than that sneaky bastard son.” Mr Williams yells banging his fist on the glass dinning table. If there’s one thing in this life Mr Williams hate more than losing, is losing to his very own rival, Mr David.

“Calm down love.” Mrs Diana says placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, Cassy shudder at the use of love, even a blind man could see her parents are no more in love, like people that are in love sleep in the same room right? and doesn’t have their room so far away from each other. Cassy knows the use of petnames are just for show, to show the world they are still in love, and in this case the world is the maids and servants standing around, waiting on their every call, her mum Mrs Diana would always put on a show for anyone or anybody as long as all eyes would be on her.

“Justin you have to step up your game and make me and your father proud.” Miss Diana chides and Justin nods.

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“Use your words son, I did not send you to school for you to nod your head at everything I say.” Mrs Diana says icily.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good, Cassy stop picking your food and eat up, you need all the nutrition you can get, so your skin can glow as mine, it’s good for the TV.” Cassy rolls her eyes discreetly and then forced her self to eat her delicious plate of food.


“Ma’am your bath is ready.” Lucy, Cassy’s personal maid announced standing at the hedge of Cassy beds.

Cassy stands up from her bed and walks into the bathroom in her bathrobe, she looks around the bathroom and sighs at how big and huge the bathroom is, well her mother loves it when things are huge and shiny.

“What’s the meaning of these, I told you I want the water warm, not hot. Don’t you even have a little bit of sense in that freaking brain of yours.” Cassy yells and Lucy flinched, Lucy could clearly remember Cassy asking her for a hot bath, she had felt the need for an hot bath in the evening was unlike Cassy, but Cassy had always told her not to make her repeat herself, whenever she’s been giving orders by her. She would have love to argue right there with Cassy that she asked for a hot bath but again she’s just an ordinary maid and what right does maids has to argue with their bosses.

“I’m sorry ma’am Cassy.” The maid apologize.

“You better be, now go and fix my water so I can have my bath.” Cassy instructs her and the maid sets to work immediately.

Once Lucy fixed the bath, Cassy had her bath, she did all her nightly rituals and then put on her PJs.

Cassy sighs standing by the window looking at the beautiful night stars, she wonders what her life would be like if she was another different girl out there, if she was free to make decisions for herself, what her life would be like if she didn’t have rich bossy parents. (Sigh)

“I wish my life is different.” She whispers and then close her windows, before heading to bed, to have a good night sleep.

Cassy and Caro

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