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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 28

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol


“So you’re telling me that, you were in this oyinbo girls body, this one standing next to you.” Mama Caro asks, narrowing her eyes at her daughter.

“Yes mama.” Caro answers nervously.

“And this oyinbo girl, was also in your body.” Mama Caro asks again.

“Yes mama, mum I know this is hard to…..”

“I believe you.” Mama Caro says simply.”

“You do?” Everybody in the room utters in shock, staring at mama Caro in shock.

“Yes I do, I always suspected that it was another person that was in your body, but I decided to drop the matter after pelumi incident and beside whenever I talked to your brother he would always tell me I’m over thinking stuff. Ehn, I know the pikin way I carry for nine months, I watched you grow up, so I know my own daughter, and I also know you Caro, I know you’ll never wake up one morning and make up a story as crazy as this. so I believe you.” Mama Caro explains.

“Oh mama, you’re the best mother ever.” Caro cries out, and hugs her mother.

“And you’re the best daughter, I could ever asks for and I’m sorry for always pushing you to become a lawyer, I shouldn’t have done that, because I wanted the lands your uncle took from us, I end up forgetting what my daughter really wants.” Mama Caro says, hugging her daughter back.

“Aww, it’s okay mother, so does this mean…….” Caro drawls, staring at her mother.

“Yes, I’m in support of your acting career and I’ll never ever step in your way again.” Mama Caro says smiling lovingly at her daughter.

“Thanks mother.” Caro says returning her mother’s smile.

“You’re welcome my pikin.”


“Cassy, can we talk, the both of us, you know mother and daughter.” Mrs David asks, nervously, as she walks up to Cassy who is sitting on a bench in the hospital room.

“Yeah, sure, why not?.” Cassy replies her awkwardly.

“I saw a garden nearby, do you mind if we take a walk there and talk.” Mrs David says.

“Oh of course, sure.” Cassy says, standing up and both mother and daughter walked out of the hospital room and out of the hospital, heading to the garden.

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“So we are here, what do you want to talk about, mother.” Cassy asks, tired of the silence between her mum and her.

“Cassy, today I realized I’ve not being a good mother to you. On seeing the closeness between Caro and her mum, I realize I’ve nothing but a bad mother to you. No, no, no, don’t say anything Cassy, I need to say this, I want to say it all out.” Mrs David paused and wipe away a few tears clinging to her eye.

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“You exchanged with a totally different girl, a girl lived in your body Cassy, for over a week and I never once got suspicious, now if that doesn’t make me a bad mother then I don’t know what else. I can’t believe your little sister Marcella, got suspicious and I never did. I cared more about my image than you, my own daughter, all I ever wanted was to wrap you up with a freaking ribbon and then showcase you to the world as the daughter who takes after her mother in acting. I’m so sorry Cassy, I’m really sorry, can you ever forgive your mother, your insensitive and selfish mother.” Mrs David cries out taking Cassy hands in her’s, she kiss both the knuckles as tears falls down her face.

“Oh mother, I forgive you, I forgive you, you don’t know how long, I’ve been waiting for you to say these to me, I love you mother.” Cassy replies her mother, equally in tears, she goes on and hugs her mother.

“I love you too daughter and I promise to never ever, force you to do anything, you don’t want to.” Mrs David says, hugging her daughter back.

“Thanks mother.” Cassy says, and both mother and daughter hugged each other under the evening sky.


“Son, do you mind if I sit.” Mr David asks his son, who’s currently sitting outside the hospital.

“Yeah, sure.” Justin replies and Mr David went on to sit next to his son on the bench.

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“I just wanted to say, I’m sorry, I should never had pushed you into business when you clearly didn’t like it. I checked some of your artwork and they are really amazing, I’m so sorry son.” Mr David apologize.

“It’s nothing dad, you wanted the best for me, you just didn’t do it the right way.” Justin comments.

“Yeah, that’s true, so are we cool.” Mr David asks, stretching his hands forth for an handshake.

“Only if we fist bump.” Justin says, smiling at his father, and his father chuckles a little before complying to Justin requests.

“So…., you and Caro huh?.” Mr David states.

“Dad, I have no idea of what you’re talking about.” Justin denies.

“Oh please, I’m a man like you son, and I’ve seen the exchange of look between the both of you.”

“Okay fine, I do like her.” Justin speaks out, smiling.

“Well that’s great, cause from the little I’ve gathered, Caro is a nice girl, you are lucky my son to have her, I’ll be heading inside now, I need to talk to the doctor.” Mr David says, giving Justin a light pat on his shoulder.

“Okay, dad.”


“Great everyone is here.” Mr David announced.

“Yeah, so what do you want to tell us dad.” Cassy asked.

“Well I talked to the doctor and I’ll be taking care of Caro’s mum hospital bills and….”

“Oh my God, thank you Mr David, but I don’t understand why are you helping us.” Caro utters.

“Well, you helped us see the importance of family, you brought us together Caro and paying your mother bills, is only right, now if you hadn’t cut me earlier on, I was about to inform everyone here that your mum would be having her surgery in the states, so everybody pack up cause we are all travelling to America tommorow.” Mr David says.

“No way!!.”



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