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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 27

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Reunion

Caro sighs as she puts some clothes in the little bag on top of the bed, she would have to spend the night in the hospital and she wants to be prepared.

She sighs a little and goes through everything she packed, for her sleepover in the hospital, she made sure she didn’t forget anything, cause she wouldn’t want to come back again, since her house is really far from the hospital, on seeing she didn’t leave anything out, from the list she made, she zips up the bag and carries it along with the house key and then walks out of the house.

“Ah Caro, you dey go hospital back.” Mama Nkechi asks as Caro locks her house door.

“Ehn, yes. Mama Nkechi, I need to go back home now, you know it’s only my mother in the hospital, since Mike went to work today.” Caro replies her.

“Oh yes, that’s true, so wetin una go do, about the money wey the doctor asks for.” Mama Nkechi asks, folding her hand below her chest.

“Hmm, mama Nkechi, as I dey talk to you right now, I don put everything for baba God in hand, because me i know no where the doctor want make we get 40 milla from, mama Nkechi, for my whole life, I never count one hundred thousand naira before, talk less of 40 million naira, as I talk am before na God hand we dey, I go just dey pray.”

“Na truth you talk my pikin, ehn, anyway help me greet your mother for me, and tell her I’ll come and visit her in the hospital tommorow morning.” Mama Nkechi says and Caro replies her with *okay* before walking away.


“So, you’re all saying you want to see my daughter, Caro.” Mama Caro asks staring at the strange white people in her hospital room.

“Yes, that’s true ma’am.” Cassy answered her, at the same time pinching her mother on her lap, who wouldn’t stop giving the hospital room a look of disgust.

“Ouch, stop pinching me.” Mrs David whispered yell, in Cassy’s ear, annoyed.

“Well, you should also stop looking around the room like you’re in a dustbin, you’ll make Caro’s mother feel infero.” Cassy whispers back.

“Well you can’t blame me, this room it’s not only disgusting but also has a disgusting smell.”

“Mother, there’s a human being, staying in this ‘disgusting room’, as we speak.” Cassy says laying more emphasis on the disgusting room.

“I don’t care, I never asked to be here, you just had to come up with a crazy story and then make your father drag us all to Nigeria, like why can’t you exchanged bodies with a girl from Tokyo, or Dubai, or Paris.” Her mother exclaims.

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“Mum keep your voice down, and I really can’t believe you right now.”

“Is everything alright.” Mama Caro asked concerned, staring at mother and daughter.

“Oh yes, everything is fine.” Mrs David replies her.

“You said?.” Mama Caro asks her, barely hearing anything Mrs David said.

“She said, everything is fine.” Cassy clarifies.

“Oh okay.” Mama Caro says, nodding her head.

“I’m not fine, and everything is definitely not fine.” Mrs David whispers, annoyed by virtually everything in the room, even the air she’s breathing.

“Can you just quit complaining, mother, I’m trying to concentrate on the game I’m playing.” Marcel voiced out, raising her head up from her phone.

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“Thanks bro, I swear if i stay here, one more minute, in this hospital room with mother consistent complaining, I might just lose my mind and where the hell is the Caro we are waiting for, why isn’t she here yet.” Marcella says in hushed tone.

“Well, that’s because her house is really far from the hospital.” Cassy explains.

“And how do you know that.” Marcella asks.

“Because I live in her house.” Cassy replies her in a duh tone and Marcella just stares at her for a while before shrugging her shoulders and then goes back to the game she’s playing on her phone.

“Oh here she is, Caro this oyinbo people here, said that they are looking for you.” Mama Caro informs her daughter, as Caro walks into the room. Caro stops in her tracks as she stares at the people right in front of her, shocked to the bone, the bag in her hand fell to the floor.

“Oh my God, no way, Mrs David, Cassy, Marcel and Marcella, Lucy, what are you guys doing here and where’s Mr David and Justin.” Caro utters in surprise and goes over to hug Cassy immediately.

“Okay, this is weird, she knows all our names.” Marcel whispers to his sister.

“Shut up Marcel.” Marcella whispers back.

“Well to answer your questions, Caro. We came to visit you, yes I carried on with the plan and my father and Justin, should be around the hospital, they should be back any minute.” Cassy informs her, breaking free from the hug.

“Wow, I thought you won’t be able to do it, and Lucy come give me a hug, I missed you so much.” Caro says spreading her hands wide and Lucy hugs her.

“Well, I missed you to, the house it’s not fun without you.” Lucy says and hugs her.

“Okay family we are back.” Mr David announced, walking into the room, alongside Justin.

Caro separates from Lucy before saying, “Mr David!!!!, And hi Justin.” Caro says the latter part smiling shyly at Justin and Justin returns her smile.

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“So you’re the girl, I’m supposed to believe is responsible for putting cockroaches in my wife’s bedroom, stealing my very important documents, only to use it in forcing all of us, to go to church, and lastly forcing us to have a family fun day.” Mr David says, with a raise eyebrow.

“Yeah it’s all me, and just for the record I’m not sorry, oh and you should totally change your office password, like having your wife birthday date as a password it’s pretty much really noticeable.” Caro says.

“Wait, you use my birthday as your office password.” Mrs David asks in shock.

“Yes, I never wanted to forgot your birthday, so it’s a really good reminder.” Mrs David replies her, staring at the floor casually.

“But you never once wished me a happy birthday.” Mrs David utters.

“I did, I was the one sending you all those flowers and chocolates, you love chocolate a lot, I was just to proud to reveal I was the one.”

“Oh David, now I feel bad for not always wishing you a happy birthday.” Mrs David utters tearfully.

“Well you can do it next year.” Mr David replies her, raising his head up to look at her.

“But I don’t get it, how were you able to know the date of my birthday.” Mrs David asks Caro confused.

“Seriously I told you this before, you are my role model, I love all your movies, have watched everyone of them and It was really hard for me not to faint while I

was in Cassy’s body, like I aspire to be a great actress just like you.” Caro says, smiling brightly.

“Wow, I guess the both of you really did exchange bodies, this is so unbelievable.” Mrs David says, in shock.

“Yes we did.” Cassy says smiling.

“Caro na wetin dey go on na, na who exchange body, and how you take know all this oyinbo people, ehn, me I no understand wetin dey go on oo.” Mama Caro voice out and everybody in the room turns to stare at her.

“Oh God, I forgot my mum is in the room also, how do I explain everything to her, without her calling our pastor to come and do deliverance on me.” Caro utters.

“Well I told my parents, it’s time to tell your mother, and good luck, you’ll really need that.” Cassy says giving Caro a pat on her back and Caro takes in a deep breath and faced her mother ready to tell her a very crazy, unbelievable story.

Cassy and Caro

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