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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 25

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: A plan

“Hey bro, can I come in.” Cassy asked, standing at the door of Justin art studio.

“Yeah, sure, you can come in.” Justin says looking up from the artwork his working on.

“I just, you know, wanted to talk to someone, I hope you don’t mind.’ Cassy asked nervously, walking into the studio.

“No I don’t, I won’t mind having company.” Justin replies her back.

“Wow, it’s beautiful, you really got her face right, it looks exactly like her, Justin.” Cassy exclaims on seeing the artwork, Justin is working on.

“Thanks, I really miss her, I can’t believe I only confessed my feelings to her just yesterday and now she’s gone.” Justin says, staring at the artwork of Caro sadly.

“Wow, the both of you also kind of fell in love with each other.” Cassy says shocked.

“I won’t call it love but I do have feelings for her.” Justin says.

“Well I and Mike also have feelings for each other and I can call it love, but anyway if you miss her so much, then we could call her, i should have Mike’s number on my phone, since he always called her with it back then I was in Nigeria.”

“I don’t know if I’m really ready to talk to her, right now, like she couldn’t even say goodbye to me before, exchanging bodies with you.” Justin says frowning.

“Seriously bro, are you gonna let your pride stop you from talking with her.” Cassy asks him, frowning at him.

“Well, okay, fine call her.” Justin says.

“I was gonna call her even without your consent, because I definitely want to talk to Mike.” Cassy says rolling her eyes at him.

“Whatever.” Justin replies her in a bored tone.

Cassy paid him no attention and went on to dial Mike’s number, cause luckily for her Mike’s number is top on the call log in her phone.

“Hello Mike, this is Cassy.” Cassy says the minute the call got accepted.

“Hey Cassy, this Caro, Mike just stepped out to buy some food.” Caro informs her.

“Hi girl, I just called to check up on you and also Justin wants to talk to you.” Cassy says.

“Oh that’s really nice of you Cassy, and it’s your brother mad at me, you know for not saying goodbye.” Caro asks in a nervous voice.

“Yeah, I’m mad, I’m more than mad at you.” Justin voice comes through the phone.

“Justin please don’t be mad, I really wanted to say goodbye, I even came to your room but I just couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye. You see Justin, I once said goodbye to my father and he never came back, like never came back, I felt me saying goodbye to you, will means I’ll never see you again and I don’t want that.” Caro utters sadly.

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“Well I also want to see you again, I’m sorry I overeacted.” Justin says.

“It’s okay and I’m sorry for not saying goodbye, either.”

“That’s fine, so Cassy told me what happened with your mum, is she alright now.” Justin asks concerned.

“No, the situation has gotten much worse, instead.” Caro utters.

“Oh, is it that bad, what happened.” Cassy asked.

“Well it turns out that my mum two kidneys are damaged and she only has a month left to walk the surface of this earth.” Caro says trying not to cry over the phone.

“Oh my God that’s bad, like really bad, what are you guys going to do now.” Cassy utters.

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“Well we do have a solution, it’s just that the solution given to us will cost us a lot of money, which of course we do not have.”

“Like how much are we talking about here.” Justin asks.

“40 million naira for a kidney and 80 million naira for two kidneys.” Caro replies back simply.

“And how much is that in dollars.” Justin asked again.

“I don’t know.” Caro says.

“You could check your phone.” Cassy suggest.

“Yeah, that’s true.” Justin says and takes out his phone from his pocket.

“Okay, 40 million naira, okay really i don’t know how to call this money, so I’ll just round it up, so 40 million naira, it’s a hundred and four thousand dollars, and 80 million naira, it’s two hundred and six thousand dollars. Wow that’s a lot of money, but kidney is sold less expensive in Nigeria, in America here, a kidney is sold for two hundred and sixty two thousand dollars, which is a hundred million naira in Nigeria, anyway we could give you the money, I have more than two hundred thousand dollars in my account.” Justin offers.

“Really you would do that.” Caro asked surprised.

“Justin, I’m not saying you can’t give Caro the money but we do have a tiny, little bit of a problem.” Cassy voice out.

“Which is?” Justin asks.

“Our parents.”

“What does our parents got to do with theses.” Justin asked confused.

“Have you forgotten, the bank will alert mum and dad, if you take such amount of money from your account, have you forgotten what happened the last time, you took a big amount out of your account because you wanted buy a car.”

“Cassy that happened like six years ago, I don’t think the bank would still alert them.”

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“Have you tried taking such amount of money from your account since the last incident.”

“No… Cassy I don’t care if the bank call our parents, I’m giving Caro the money and that’s it.” Justin says stubbornly.

“No! No! No! I won’t let you do that Justin, I won’t let you get into trouble all because of me, I’ll have to find another way to get the money.”

“Caro what other way do you want to find, Caro there’s no other way here for you, so I’ll give you the money.” Justin insists.

“Actually there’s another way, for Caro to get the money.” Cassy voice out.

“Which is.” Justin asks, staring at her.

“We tell our parents the truth.” Cassy says.

“Wait, wait, Cassy, when you siad the truth, do you by any chance mean, the fact that we exchanged bodies and that your were living in Nigeria.” Caro asks.


“Are you out of your damn mind Cassy, do you want your parents rushing you the psychiatrist hospital.” Caro says, surprise by her suggestion.

“No, they won’t do that, okay we just have to make them believe us.” Cassy insists.

“Okay what are you going to do, walk up to them and say, *hey mum, hey Dad, I exchanged bodies with a girl in Nigeria and now she is in need of money, can you be generous and offer her some.” Caro says with sarcasm.

“I appreciate the sarcasm but that’s not what I’m going to do.” Cassy says.

“I’m with Caro on this, Cassy. She’s right.” Justin says.

“Come on guys, Caro you told Lucy didn’t you and you made her believe you, didn’t you.”

“Cassy that is Lucy and we are talking about your parents here, you know the ones who don’t even know their own children, Cassy this won’t work out.” Caro says.

“I know it will work out guys, you guys should leave it to me, I can get them to believe you and beside I already have the perfect plan in mind.”

“Okay fine, I’ll let you take the shot but for the record I don’t think this will work.” Caro says.

“Yes, you’re in, and what about you Justin.” Cassy says glaring at him.

“Okay fine, I’m in but just for the record also, I like my plan better.” Justin says.

“Well great, operation make mummy and daddy believe our crazy exchange was real, has just begun.”

Cassy and Caro

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