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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 24

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: She’s gone

“You don’t sound so happy, to have me back.” Cassy asked, eyeing her.

“Well…, Kind of. You see Caro is really nicer than you and she’s my friend, so it’s only fair for me to hope the wish didn’t work.” Lucy explains, not looking at her.

“Wow. Look, Lucy I’m really sorry, for the way I treated you, it’s really bad of me to treat my own fellow human being as a trash.” Cassy apologize.

“Wait, are you apologizing to me like right now, oh my God this is shocking.” Lucy states shocked.

“Well, living in Nigeria, living a poor life, made me have another outlook in life and for the record I’m really sorry.”

“Wow, I guess you’re forgiven then.” Lucy replies her.

“Thanks, so can you help me get ready to meet my family.” Cassy requests smiling.

“Of course ma’am.”

“One more thing, Lucy, call me Cassy from now on, and of course only when it’s the both of us.”

“Wow, Nigeria really did change you.” Lucy comments.

“Yeah it did, Lucy, yes it did ”


Cassy takes in a deep breath before walking into the dinning room. “Good morning mum, good morning Dad.” Cassy greets a little less cheerful than Caro, and that got Justin attention, he could tell with one look that she’s a little bit different this morning.

“Good morning honey, how was your night.” Mrs David ask, sipping from her cup of tea.

“It was splendid, mother.” Cassy answers taking her seat on the dinning table.

“So Cassy, have you started rehearsing your line, for the movie, you know shooting starts next week.” Mrs David says and Cassy frowns, this was one of the many reason why she didn’t make the first wish.

“About that mother, I won’t be taking the part anymore, I don’t want to be an actress.” Cassy says nervously, she had made up her mind back in Nigeria to not let her mother decide her future for her anymore.

“What.” Mrs David utters in shock, spurting out the tea she had in her mouth, and everyother person on the dinning table stares at Cassy in shock.

“You heard me mother, I don’t want to be an actress anymore, I want to read law.” Cassy says, not willingly to back down, she has to finish what she started, she’s not going to bow to her mother like other times.

“But…. but, you just got a part in a movie, that one of the biggest producer in

Hollywood, it’s prouducing, and not only did you amazed him with your acting skill, but you also ended up getting the lead role, beside you were really excited about staring in that movie.” Mrs David utters, trying to reason with her daughter, but Cassy was far beyond that.

“I got that part, because of you mum, to make you proud of me, so you won’t keep on staring at me like a disappoinment, and I was only acting to be happy about it, being a lawyer is my dream and you know it.” Cassy replies her back.

“Cassy!!, You’ll stop this nonsense and sit back on your seat and then finish your breakfast, cause I can see you did not have a good night sleep.”

“I had a perfectly good night sleep, mother and I will not sit back down and finish my breakfast, not until you stop forcing me to live your dreams, I get it you were an astounding actress but do I have to also follow in your path, huh?, Why can’t I also get to live my own dreams, why?.”

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“Cassy Williams David, I said sit back on your seat and finish your goddamn breakfast, you are going to be an actress and that’s final.” Mrs David yells in an authoriative voice, finalizing the whole exchange but Cassy wasn’t done yet and she is not about to let her mum have the final say.

“It’s not final, mum, it’s not. I will not let you continue to take the decisions for me, in my life, I’m no longer a child okay, I’m twenty for God’s sake. I and Justin have let you and father take decisions for us for far too long, tell me what’s bad in Justin being an artist, his paintings are beautiful and what’s wrong with me wanting to be a lawyer, I have Passion for it, I’ve never ever yearn for something more than the way, I yearn to be in the court house battling against other lawyers. Mother I don’t care if you, take all my allowance or even still disown me, I want to read law and there’s nothing you can do about it, and this is my final decision.” Cassy let’s out, she takes in a deep breath before saying, “Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be in my room, excuse me family.” Cassy says and then walks out of the dinning room, not minding the shocked look her family members were giving her.

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“you’ll also have to excuse me, and just for the record, she’s saying the truth, I hate being a business man, now excuse me family.” Justin says and equally walks out of the dinning room, with only one purpose in mind, to confront the girl that just walked out of the dinning room.

“Wow, I do hope you guys don’t get to chose our careers for us.” Marcel comments.


“Caro! Caro! Caro! Wait up.” Justin yells running after Cassy in the passage, and Cassy stops in her tracks and turns to face Justin.

“What was that in there.” Justin asks.

“She didn’t say goodbye.” Cassy asked, ignoring his earlier question.

“Cassy?.” Justin says shocked.

“Yeah it’s me, I’m back.” Cassy says simply.



“Brother Mike! Brother Mike! Brother Mike!! Wake up, wake up na.” Caro yells, tapping her brother on his back, trying to wake him up.

“Oh for God’s sake, Cassy let me…. Wait you just called me brother.” Mike yells,

sitting up immediately.

“Yeah I did, brother it worked, the wish work.” Caro says, smiling.

“Oh my God, this is amazing.” Mike says surprise.

“Yeah, it is.” Caro says sadly.

“Okay, tell me what’s wrong, why is your voice sounding that way.” Mike asked.

“I didn’t say goodbye.” Caro says pouting.

“To who?” Mike asked confused.

“To Justin, you see we has this thing going on, like he confessed that he likes me and I also told him I like him too, and now I feel really bad that I couldn’t bring myself to say sorry to him.” Caro utters.

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“Oh sis, I’ve told you that just bescause you said goodbye to dad before he travelled to Benin, doesn’t mean you’re responsible for his death, or the fact you said goodbye to him, means that’s why he never came back.” Mike utters and then went ahead and hugged his sister.

“I know bro, but I just felt If maybe I didn’t say goodbye to father, then I would had seen him again, and I also really want to see Justin again, I really do.” Caro explains hugging her brother back.

“Sis you’ll get to see him again, and besides we still have Cassy number, which means we could contact them.”

“Oh yes that’s true, oh my God we should be heading to the hospital now, I totally forgot mum was still in the hospital.” Caro exclaims.

“Oh yeah, that’s true. Uhm, why don’t you go have your bath and then I could take you to the hospital.” Mike says.



“Oh my God, mum, you look awful.” Caro utters, and rushed to her mother side and then gives her a really tight hug.

“Oh please not again, Caro I’ve told you that I’m alright, it’s just a kidney failure, and if that thing doesn’t kill me then your hands wrapped around me so tightly will do the job.”

“Oops, sorry mum.” Caro apologize and released her mother from her tight grip.

“I see the both of you are already here, well you’re just in time cause the test results are ready.” Doctor Ben says walking inyo the hospital room.

“Oh okay,so what does the test results say.” Mike asked.

“You’ll have to come with me to my office, so we can discuss about it.” Doctor Ben says.


“So Doctor what does the test results say.” Mike asks impatient.

“Your mother two kidneys, Mr Mike, is damaged.” Doctor Ben informs him.

“But how’s that possible.” Caro asked shocked, she had forced Mike to allow her come to the doctor’s office also.

“Well your mother have, what we call Urinary Tract Infection (U.T.I), you see this infection must have been in your mother’s body for a really long time, for it to have damaged her two kidney, most people actually mistakes the sign for other sickness, or some Nigerians just end up taking herbal medicines.” The doctor explains.

“So Doctor, what do we do now.” Mike ask, a little bit panicked.

“Well, first of all she’ll need a kidney transplant, before we will be able to start treatment on her, cause if my calculations are correct, your mother has only a month to live on this Earth, but don’t worry, cause luckily for you, you have a donor and his kidney will only cost you 40 million naira, but if in case you want two kidneys then that will cause you 80 million naira.”

“Wow, where do we get 40 million naira from, more of 80 million naira.” Caro utters in shock.

“Well I’ll advice you to start looking for the money, cause there’s nothing else I can do for you.” Doctor Ben says.

“This is bad, like really bad.”

Cassy and Caro

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