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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 20

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Weird feelings

“I like you.” Cassy blurts out, and Mike’s laughs turns into series of cough.

“Ugh, I shouldn’t have said that, but I just couldn’t help it. Being here with you all throughout the week has made me develop feelings for you unknowingly, Mike. I know this is really weird but I really do like you and not in a friendly way.” Cassy says, staring at Mike nervously.

“Wow, I…. I don’t know what to say.” Mike let’s out, surprised by Cassy’s


“I know I shouldn’t have said this. I’m really sorry Mike, I know it’s not everyday your sister gets to confess to you that she’s harbouring feelings for you. Do you know what just forget I ever said that, goodnight Mike.” Cassy says and turns her back on him ready to go inside the house.

“Cassy wait, I like you too.” Mike calls out.

“You don’t have to say that all because you want to make me feel better, Mike, don’t worry I’ll be fine.” Cassy says smiling sadly at him.

“No! No! Cassy I’m not telling you this to make you feel better, I know you’re in my sister body and I’m technically speaking to my sister right now but I really do

like you, I like the Cassy inside my sister’s body, you do everything different from my sister, the way your face lights up when you’re smiling, I even love it when you pouts, Cassy I enjoy talking to you, enjoy every little thing I do with you and whenever I’m at work, all I could ever think of is coming back home to you and then sit outside under the evening sky and talk with you. Cassy I really do like you and it’s not in a friendly way.” Mike says and then wraps his arms around her.

“Wow, so we both like each other and not in a friendly way.” Cassy utters, getting lost in Mike’s eyes.

“Yes.” Mike’s replies her simply, smiling down at her.

“So…. Should we kiss.” Cassy asks timidly.

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“Definitely not, I might really want to kiss you right now but I can’t do that while you’re still in my sister’s body.” Mike says.

“Yeah that’s true, but we can hug right.”

“Of course, why not.” Mike says and bring her close to his chest, his arms wrapped around her tightly and Cassy let’s out a contented smile.

“Come on let’s go to bed.” Mike says.

“Okay.” Cassy replies and they both walked into the house to have a goodnight sleep.

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“What are you saying, Marcella, I’m your sister.” Caro says letting out a nervous laugh.

“Oh please just bescause I and Cassy aren’t close doesn’t mean I don’t know her, Cassy isn’t sharp or daring, Cassy would never banter words with our parents, you do all of that. See I’m not going to ask you who you really are, or why your impersonating my sister.”

“You won’t?.” Caro asked surprise.

“Yeah I won’t, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing my parents back together, I know you’re responsible for the cockroach incident, look I don’t know why you’re doing this, or trying to make my family a happy family once more but I do know you’re not a bad person neither do you mean any harm, so again, thank you. I’ll take the juice to the field now.” Marcella says and walks out of the kitchen with Caro looking at her shocked.

“Wow, what just happened.” Caro thinks out loud and shrugs before taking the glasses, and then heads back to the field, where they had a fun-filled day, cause Mr David didn’t go back to work and Justin stopped acting grumpy.


Caro sighs tiredly as she walks out of the bathroom, who knew family fun day

would have an after effect on her later, well at least the amazing bath she just had

would help her have an amazing night.

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She sighs happily and lays down on her big soft, plushy, bed. She was about going into dreamland when an a knock on the door stops her, she mutters angry words to whoever is at the other side of the bed, standing up from her bed to go and open the door.

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“Justin.” Caro utters surprise on seeing it’s Justin responsible for cutting off her short trip to dreamland.

“Sis.” Justin says, Caro noticed there was something different about him, his eyes were more darker than usual.

“Justin, why are you knocking on my door, I was just about to go to bed.” Caro asked annoyed by his disturbance.

“Because I can’t get you out of my fucking goddamn mind.” Justin whispers yelled.

“What!.” Caro whisper yelled back in shock.

“I know this sounds weird but ever since our kiss yesterday, I can’t get the memory out of my head, Cassy you’re in my head, you’re in my mind, I don’t know what’s going on with me, hell i feel like I’m a minute away from losing my goddamn mind, maybe if I kiss you, maybe if I you let me kiss you, then I won’t lose my sanity.” Justin pleads hysterical.

“What the hell Justin, are you out of your damn mind, I’m your sister and brothers doesn’t go around kissing their sister, that’s incest and you know that, do you know what goodnight Justin.” Caro utters having a look of unbelief on her face, she tries to close her door but on Justin, but Justin was quick enough to place his leg between the door, stopping it from closing.

“What the fuck Justin.” Caro whispers yelled, careful not wake any one up.

“Cassy just one kiss, one kiss and I’ll leave, please Cassy, one kiss.” Justin begs staring at her with all seriousness.

Oh boy, what am I suppose to do now. Caro thinks.

Cassy and Caro

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