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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 19

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Family fun day (2)

“So is everybody ready.” Caro yells enthusiastic.

“Yes!!!.” Marcel and Marcella yells back with enthusiasm, jumping up.

“Yes.” Mr David says not sharing their enthusiasm, the only place he wants to be right now is at his office.

“Yes.” Mrs Diana says trying to be enthusiastic.

“I don’t just understand, why we have to tie our legs together, we could all just race alone.” Justin says in a bored tone.

“You my brother, does not have the true spirit of sportmanship.” Caro replies him, rolling her eyes at him.

“Okay people, remember if any group crosses the finish line last, will have to dance like a chicken and the winners of the race get to eat that amazing apple pie over there, prepared by our very own amazing chef, Mr Butler.” Caro announced.

“Now on your mark, get set, ready and Go!!.” Caro yells and the race started with Marcel and Marcella taking the lead, Mr and Mrs David in second place and an arguing Caro and Justin in last place.

“What the hell Justin, are you trying to get us to fail.” Caro yells at a non-committal Justin.

“I never said I wanted to be a part of this, did I?.” Justin asked her boredly.

“Oh yeah, but you’ll be part of this game when you’ll be prancing around like a chicken.” Caro retorts.

“I’m never doing that.” Justin replies her.

“Oh you’ll, because I’ll make sure mom and dad makes you dance and I’m pretty sure by now you can see how very persuasive I could be, oh and I’ll also make sure Marcel gets everything on video, so if you want to be internet famous, then I say be my guest.” Caro says smirking at him.

“You though know that I could also take a video of you, right.” Justin counters back.

“Oh but you see, I don’t mind being internet famous, so the real question is do you mind being internet famous.” Caro says narrowing her eyes at him.

“Okay fine, let’s win this stupid race.” Justin says surrendering, and then start to move as fast as Caro and in no time they were in second place but Marcel and Marcella were to far gone so they finished the race in second place with Marcel and Marcella in first place and Mr and Mrs David finished last place.

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“Yayyy we won brother, we won, we won the adults, we won the adults, we are the best team ever.” Marcella yells giving her brother a high five.

“Mum, dad, I don’t need to tell you that you’re the losers, so please carry on with the entertainment.” Caro says handing over the apple pie to Marcel and Marcella.

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“There’s no way, I’m dancing like a chicken and in front of my kids.” Mr David says stubbornly.

“David!!!!!.” Mrs Diana growls at him and Mr David sighs, running his hands along his hair before joining his wife to dance like a chicken.

“Yay, go mum, go dad, yayyy, this is quality entertainment.” Caro says laughing out loud.


“Mum you can do it, you can do it, yes mother that’s it, finish it all up, come on show them who’s the boss, yes mother that’s it keep on going, yes, yes,.” Caro and

Marcella chants together as both Mr and Mrs David chugs down a full bottle of coke, some of the liquid spills on their clothes but no one paid any attention to it, cause they were both in the spirit of winning.

“Yes father you can do it, you can do it, come on dad just drink the whole thing up, mum is almost done with hers, Justin can you be supportive for at least a second.” Marcel says glaring at Justin annoyed by his silence.

“I’ve said this countless time, I do not want to be here.” Justin replies him simply.

“Yayyy, we won, mother you did it.” Caro yells and both her and Marcella goes over to hug Mrs Diana.

“We won you guys, we won you guys, yes we, won you, won you, and you guys are the losers, oh we won you, won you, won you.” The ladies sings circling the men.

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“This is all your fault.” Marcel says glaring at Justin.

“How those us losing gets to be my fault, I wasn’t even the one drinking the bottle of coke.” Justin utters unbelievably.


“Yayyy, and I won.” Caro yells crossing the finish line in her sack bag, she steps out of the sack bag and laughs at the remaining family as they struggle in their sack bag, Justin and Marcella even fell down.

“Yeah, laugh it’s really funny.” Justin grumbles getting out from his sack bag.

“Of course it’s funny, you all are so hilarious, I should have gotten it on camera.” Caro says still laughing.

“Well I’m glad you didn’t.” Mrs Diana utters and sits down on the floor, tiredly, on a normal day she wouldn’t dare sit on ordinary ground but right now she’s tired and she does not care if her expensive clothes get dirty.

“Okay, who wants some juice.”Caro asked.


“Me two.”

“I’ll take some juice also.” Justin says.

“Ugh I’ll kill for even a little taste of that juice right now.” Mrs Diana says.

“Dad?” Caro call out giving Mr David a questioning stare.

“Do I need to be dead before you can tell I’ll also love some juice.” Mr David says breathing out really fast.

“Okay, then I’ll go get the juice.” Caro says and turns to leave.

“And I’ll come along.” Marcella says standing up from the floor where’s she sitting.


“Okay Marcella, the glasses are complete.” Caro says placing sis glass on a tray.

“Now I’ll take the glasses, while you bring the juice.” Caro says handing her the jug filled with juice.

“I know you’re not my sister.” Marcella states and Caro lets out a few awkward coughs, looking at her in shock.

“What!.” Caro asks, hoping she didn’t hear well the first time.

“I said, I know you’re not my sister” Marcella repeats staring at her intently.

Cassy and Caro

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