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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 18

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Family fun day

Justin without thinking much claims his sister’s lips, Caro stood rigid in his arms shocked to her bones, as Justin lips moves on her’s, his sensitive fingers touched her neck as he draws in the sweet taste of his sister, Justin noticed how stiff Caro is in his arms and he immediately stops and separates from her.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! What the hell I’ve I done, why did I kiss my own sister. Cassy I’m so sorry, I feel like a freaking fool right now, I didn’t mean to kiss you, it just happened. Gosh you’re my sister, I shouldn’t be kissing my sister.” Justin utters hysterical, looking at everywhere else but his sister.

“No! No! Don’t be hard on yourself, you didn’t kiss your sister, I mean you kissed your sister but… Oh my God what the hell am I saying, I’ve got to go.” Caro utters and runs out of Justin art studio.

“What the hell!!.” Justin yells and punched a wall nearby.


“Cassy.” Mr David call walking into the dinning room, with Justin trailing right behind him.

“Yes father.” Caro answers innocently, like she didn’t know the reason why Mr David is calling her.

“I just got to the gate, and i found out from the gardener that you asked the security man in charge of the gate to go home, is that true.” Mr David asks.

“Yeah, I did.” Caro answers simply.

“Okay, the gardener also said you’re the only one right now that has access to the gate, is that also true.” Mr David asks patiently.

“Yes father.” Caro answers again.

“Okay, I’ll love to ask you why you asked the security man to go home, but I and your brother needs to be in the office now, so can you kindly go open the gate.” Mr David requests, staring at his wrist watch.

“Actually dad, I can’t do that, I can’t open the gate for you.” Caro replies smiling sweetly at him.

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“What?” Mr David utters shocked.

“I said, I can’t open the gate for you father. You see nobody is leaving this house today, cause today is family fun day.” Caro announced.

“Cassy I don’t have time for whatever this is, I need to be at the office in forty five minutes, so go and open the gate, now!.”

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“Like I said father I won’t be opening the gate, cause today is family fun day.” Caro replies stubbornly, sipping from her cup of tea.

“Cassy please go and open the gate okay, I have an outing with the girls today.” Mrs Diana pleads,

“Mum you don’t even like hanging out with them.” Cassy replies her, resisting the urge to roll her eyes and Mrs Diana stares at her in shock.

“Cassy go and open the gate now!.” Mr David growls.

“Father, you don’t have any meeting till in the evening, so there’s absolutely no need for you to be at the office now, besides you’re the C.E.O.” Caro counters back.

“Cassy if you don’t go and open that gate now, you’ll be grounded for life.” Mr David yells already annoyed.

“I thought we are past that stage father, threatening to ground me for life, won’t work on me.” Caro retorts.

“Cassy, please listen to your father, what has gotten into you lately.” Mrs David utters shocked by her daughter disobedient attitude.

“A lot has gotten into me, mother, a lot. Look at us, we are supposed to be a family but we don’t even act like one, dad Is always to busy with work, mum you’re always hanging out with your friends, Justin just mind his own Goddamn business, Marcel and Marcella are too busy caring about themselves to let anyone in, and I’m here wishing we could be more than that. Tell me mum when was the last we had a family time, and like hang out together, go to the beach, have fun as a family. The only time we ever get to seat in the same space is breakfast and dinner, and at that too, we suck, we seat down on this ridiculous long dinning table and behave like strangers. Is it bad that I just want us to spend time as a family.” Caro utters, wiping away fake tears from her face.

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“No it’s not honey, but it is kind of bad when it’s on a working day, Monday to be exact. How about this you go and open the gate and then we all have family fun day this saturday.” Mr David propose.

“David!!.” Mrs Diana growls, glaring daggers at her incentive husband.

“Cassy, I and your father are so sorry, for not being the best of parents and to show you how sorry we are, we are going to be having family fun day today, not a word David!!.” Mrs Diana growls again and Mr David raised his hands up as a sign of peace.

“So those this mean we are not going to school today.” Marcel voiced out.

“Yeah I already called your school and informed them both you and Marcella won’t be going to school today.” Caro informs.

“Yayyyy best day ever.” Marcel and Marcella yells out happily together.

“So family let’s get this family fun day officially open, cause we are gonna be having lots of fun.” Caro yells happily, Marcel and Marcella cheers her on.

Mr David sighs tiredly and hands over his briefcase to one of the maids. Yayyy family fun day it is.

Cassy and Caro

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