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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 17

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Church (2)

Cassy felt a tap on body, she opens her eyes and close it back grumbling words at whoever was waking her up.

“Cassy! Cassy! Cassy!.” Mike calls out tapping her, Cassy groans before opening her eyes and then glares holes into Mike’s face.

“Why are you waking me up on a perfectly good sunday morning.” Cassy utters frowning deeply at him.

“Because you have to get ready for church, get up from that bed before mama comes and finds you still sleeping.” Mike informs her and Cassy frowns deepens as she sits on the bed.

“Wait, we are going to church, today.” Cassy utters shocked, back at home they never went to church, her parents weren’t against church, they just never went to one.

“Yes and you have to get up now and go have your bath before mama comes back, she doesn’t joke with church.” Mike warns her, and Cassy sighs tiredly, so much for a day of rest.


Cassy had found out in coming to church that Caro is not only popular in the church but is also a chorister, she had glare at Mike for leaving an important information as that. And now that’s why she’s currently standing in the chorister section clapping her hands awkwardly to the unfamiliar song she had never heard before, busies herself by watching the other members dancing.

During the sermon, Cassy couldn’t understand a word the pastor was saying, the pastor spoke to fast and his voice was really loud, for a person who was using a microphone he did really shout loud.

Then there was the testimony time, now she understands why they say African’s does not keep to time, how would the pastor tell a person he/she has only 2 minute to give his/her testimony and then only for that person to use more than thirty minutes, and then the worst part is, the thirty minutes spent was used on saying things unimportant.

Cassy couldn’t stop laughing at a woman funny testimony, the lady had said her husband an okada rider was involved in an accident, now it was how she narrated the whole incident that has got Cassy cracking up, the lady had informed the church that, on that faithful night she was in her house with her sister in-law, when she had the weird feeling that something bad was about to happen so she had started praying, then at exactly 10:00pm she noticed her husband wasn’t back from work yet, so she started to fear, she called her sister in-law and her sister in-law

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had asked her to calm down, then she decided to calm down but she kept on praying.

At exactly 12:21pm, she couldn’t resist the urge to go look for her husband anymore so she informs her sister in-law she would be going to look for her husband, her sister in-law was like *no please don’t go, it’s late* and then she was like *please let me go* then sisters replies with a *I can’t let you go out ooo* then she replies her sister with *you have to let me go* now what Cassy couldn’t understand was what does your husband having an accident has to do with the exchange of words you had with your sister in-law.

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Then the lady says, she ran out of the house ignoring her sister in-law warnings, and goes to look for her husband, now the funny part was the lady said as she was going to look for her husband she met ghost on the road and then she started shouting the blood of Jesus to cover her and save her then the ghost disappeared but because of fear she went back home and decides to wait for her husband to come back home, her husband didn’t come back home that night. Very early in the morning the next day she had received a call from an unknown number that her husband was involved in an accident, and that he has being rushed to the hospital, then the lady ends the testimony with praising God that her husband is now alright and okay.

Now Cassy had noticed the woman spent almost an hour saying nothing in particular, in Cassy’s opinion the lady could have just said her husband was involved in an accident, and he was rushed to the hospital but now she’s thanking God that his okay and now much better.

Well that’s Nigerians for you.


“So how did you find the church service, today.” Mike asked, both of them were currently sitting right outside the house on a bench enjoying the evening breeze, it’s kind of their ritual now to always sit outside the house in the evening.

“I know I haven’t gone to church in a long while but your churches here at Nigeria is weird.” Cassy comments, staring at the stars in the sky.

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“What made you said that.” Mike asks smiling at her.

“Well first of all, the pastor really shouts very loud even though his using a microphone, I was really afraid he was going to faint right there on the alter, with the way he was sweating and all that.”

“It’s normal for a pastor to preach like that here in Nigeria, it’s called the work of the holy spirit, anyway what other things did you find weird.” Mike asks smiling at her, it feels weird to know his staring right at his sister’s face but his talking to someone else entirely, the way Cassy does things and the way his sister’s does things are totally different, he loves the look Cassy always has when she’s confused or when she’s frowning.

“Well the testimony’s also, like why can’t Nigerians just keep to time, the pastor had say 2 minute but most of them almost used an hour.” Cassy utters.

“Again that’s Nigerians for you, it’s more like our trade mark.” Mike replies her.

“Oh my God, what’s that, ahhhhh.” Cassy screams standing up immediately, pointing her finger at her dark corner.

“What, what’s it.” Mike asks equally standing up from the bench.

“I don’t know, wait I think it’s a snake, oh my God.” Cassy yells running behind Mike.

“Are you sure it’s a snake, we don’t have that here in this compound, there’s no bush around here.” Mike says taking out his phone from his pocket and then on his phone touch.

“Seriously Cassy, it’s only a rope.” Mike utters picking up the rope.

“Oh I see, well it does look like a snake in the dark.” Cassy comments frowning and mike shakes his head at her.

“Ah, fear fear.” Mike says laughing at her, then he throws the rope at her and Cassy screams out in fear, and Mike’s laughter increase, Cassy felt stupid as Mike laughs at her but his laughter sounds rich in her ear, the way his eyes sparkled as he laughs at her, she stares at his face and realized he looks more handsome as the bright moon shines on his face. She smiles and watched him laugh, fascinated by the sound.

Cassy and Caro

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